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Are you ready to break free from the cycle of exhaustion and step into your power as a leader? This is no ordinary training, but a 6-day, live online bootcamp designed to ignite your drive, empower your team, and revolutionize your leadership style. It’s time to step up and take charge!

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Training date: From Monday, July 3rd to Saturday, July 8th.

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  • 15 years of facilitation experience and 8 years as a certified Mindfulness Trainer.
  • Over 25,000 students have gone through our education all over the world.
  • Learn from graduated pedagogue with a master’s degree in educational management.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the duration of the training?
A: The training comprises of four online meetings, each lasting 90 minutes, and a two-hour intergration retreat during the weekend.

Q: How many spots are available for this training?
A: The spots for this training are limited. We strive to ensure a close-knit, intimate experience, which necessitates a smaller group.

Q: Will this 6-day intensive structure be repeated in the future?
A: We cannot guarantee that this 6-day intensive format will be repeated in the future. Normally, the program runs up to 8 weeks and the financial investment is almost double.

Q: Do I need any prior experience or knowledge to join this training?
A: No prior experience or knowledge is required to participate in this training. All the needed materials will be provided through our online platform.

Q: What topics will be covered during the training?
A: Each day we tackle different topics related to personal resilience and self-compassion. Detailed session topics can be found in the program description.

Q: What does the intergration retreat entail?
A: The retreat is an additional meeting that focuses on personal exercises to strengthen resilience. It takes place during the weekend and lasts two hours.

Q: What is the cost of the training?
A: The total cost of the training is €299. Meaning a deposit of €99 is required to reserve your place on the training and the remain €200 needs to be payed before the training starts.

Q: Are there any payment plans available?
A: Yes, there’s the possibility of splitting the payment into two installments, only everyting needs to be payed before the training starts.

Q: Are there any scholarships or discounts available?
A: Yes, scholarships are available. Entrepreneurs, leaders from startups, and leaders from NGOs are particularly encouraged to apply for a scholarship. Also, employees from our partner organizations may be eligible for a partner discount. For more information about scholarships and discounts, please contact Vesna.

Q: How can I apply for the training?
A: You can apply for the training by clicking on the “Apply” button. If you have any questions before applying, please contact André at [email protected].

Q: What happens after I apply?
A: Once your application is submitted and your €99 deposit is received, we will reserve your place in the training. Upon receiving the remaining €200 and confirming your payment, you will gain access to our online platform. This is where you can familiarize yourself with the program and receive further details about the upcoming training.

Q: What if I can’t attend one of the online meetings?
A: We strongly recommend participants to join each session live for a more enriching experience. However, we understand circumstances may not always permit this, hence all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the online platform for your convenience. Please note, the practical activities conducted in breakout rooms won’t be shared due to privacy considerations.

Q: What support is available to me during the training?
A: Throughout the training, you’ll have access to our online platform where you can ask questions and interact with your instructors and fellow participants. We aim to provide a supportive and collaborative learning environment.