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[PODCAST] A Completely Different Way to Release Stress — Discovering TRE for Workplace Wellbeing

Welcome to a new episode of He Said, She Said, where your hosts Vesna and André van Kempen delve into the world of Tension Release Exercises (TRE). From its origin by Dr. David Berceli to its increasing popularity in the Balkans, they discuss the benefits of TRE and how it can be adapted to suit a variety of settings and individuals. Join them as they break down misconceptions, explain the process, and share the impact TRE can have on mental fitness and overall well-being in the workplace. Say goodbye to burnout and emotional exhaustion and hello to a more resilient, emotionally intelligent team!

When Vesna first encountered TRE (tension and stress release exercises) in 2017, I was fascinated!

Even though at that time I was already a Mindfulness trainer, someone who practiced various techniques for stress relief, someone who was familiar with both psychotherapy and coaching, yoga, and various relaxation techniques – TRE exercises definitely left the biggest WOOW effect on me! Why?

Because there were no conversations about stress, techniques and tools, meditations, asanas… the body was doing its thing, and I was just a conscious and present observer of the whole process.

I thought I was the only one who was so enthusiastic about this method until I started leading TRE sessions. The experiences of participants and people who are new to TRE exercises are great – especially since there is that moment of surprise (no one believes that it is possible to connect with your body in such a simple way!) and relaxation after each encounter.

If you are interested in doing TRE exercises in your company, organization or institution or joining group meetings in Novi Sad, write to us!

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