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Q: Do these techniques work for ADHD?
A: Yes, these techniques, including mindfulness, have proven to be effective for attention disorders in both children and adults. Research supports their effectiveness in managing ADHD symptoms.

Q: Which technique is most useful for the classroom?
A: The grounding exercise can be done with the whole class and is enjoyable for kids. The stop exercise is also commonly used by teachers before tests or exams. Both techniques are beneficial for attention disorders.

Q: Will stress completely disappear if we leave a job we don’t like?
A: Leaving a job you dislike may reduce stress, but it depends on various factors. If there are underlying patterns or unresolved issues within yourself, changing jobs alone may not eliminate stress entirely. It’s important to consider personal factors and work on building resilience to manage stress effectively.

Q: Is mindfulness only about stopping stress, or is it a way of life?
A: Mindfulness extends beyond stress reduction; it encompasses a way of life. It involves nurturing certain attitudes and observing challenges, oneself, and relationships in a mindful manner. Mindfulness becomes more apparent when practiced through an eight-week mindfulness course, leading to profound changes in perception and overall life experience.

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