7-Day Resilient Leader Challenge

  • From Tuesday, June 13th to Monday, June 19th

Join our action-packed 7-day challenge designed specifically for leaders, managers, and all those in a position of influence. Each day presents a unique dare to stop, slow down, notice, feel, and connect.

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Join over 25,000 individuals and teams worldwide who have accelerated their growth journeys with our guidance. Your transformation begins here!

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What You’ll Gain:

This isn’t just about survival – it’s about thriving in leadership. From mindfulness and breathing exercises to stress-questionnaires and meditations, we’ll help you dig deeper into yourself and elevate your team interactions.

  • An Innovative Leadership Perspective: Shift away from outdated models to a compassionate, fierce approach.
  • Leadership Through Self-Compassion: Lead with kindness, benefiting yourself and your team.
  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence: Grow your emotional awareness to become an empathetic, understanding leader.
  • Better Boundary Setting: Learn to support without becoming a full-time caretaker.
  • Improved Team Relationships: Foster stronger connections, boosting team communication and cooperation.
  • Lasting Transformation: Gain tools to sustain your leadership evolution.
  • Courage, Compassion, Connection: Embody these values to transform your leadership style and professional environment.

Are you ready to challenge your beliefs and emerge as a conscious, resilient leader?

If you are still on the fence about joining us or if there are any lingering questions preventing you from embarking on this journey, let’s clear them up right away. We’ve been receiving a variety of questions about the challenge’s dynamics, lessons, and more, so we’ve compiled a handy Q&A to address your concerns:

Q: Where is the challenge located?
A: The challenge is on our learning platform, Bujoo Academy. If you accept this challenge, you will be given access to a free personal account!

Q: When do the lessons become accessible?
A: Lessons unlock daily within the challenge. You can revisit previous lessons at any time during the challenge – they remain open.

Q: What if I can’t complete the challenge on a specific day?
A: No worries! You can always return and catch up later during the challenge.

Q: What’s the format of the lessons?
A: Each lesson is a short video featuring exercises and reflection questions about your experience. Your answers are private; others on the platform won’t see them.

Q: What can I do after completing a lesson?
A: Share your experience, view comments from other participants, ask questions, and receive direct feedback from Vesna and myself!

Q: What benefits does the challenge offer?
A: As you progress, you’ll accumulate points. The more points you gather, the greater your odds of unlocking substantial rewards at the end of the challenge. These exciting rewards range from exclusive discounts on future programs to complimentary premium accounts and even free seats in our upcoming courses! So, let every point you earn lead you to these fantastic opportunities.

Q: How long will I have access to the content?
A: Your free access to content continues until Wednesday, June 21st.

Now that we’ve resolved your queries, it’s time to take the plunge! Unleash your potential, gain new insights, and join a community of resilient leaders.

“I am fascinated by the way Vesna manages to bring together abstract things like Mindfulness. Her lectures are always attended, and she is a great lecturer. It is always a real pleasure to work with Vesna!”

Katarina Aleksić

L&D Specialist Bosch Serbia

Join the 7-day Bujoo Dare Challenge today!

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