Mental Toughness Test


Mental toughness test

Mental toughness test

The four elements of mental toughness are control, commitment, challenge, and confidence. Together, these elements can help individuals develop a strong mental toughness, allowing them to overcome obstacles, perform at their best, and reach their full potential.

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Even when under considerable pressure, I usually remain calm.
I do not tend to worry about things well before they actually happen.
I generally feel in control.


I usually find it easy to summon enthusiasm for the tasks I have to do.
“I know exactly where to begin” is a feeling I usually have when presented with several things to do at once.


I generally cope well with any problems that occur.
I am generally able to react quickly when something unexpected happens.
When I make a mistake, I usually do not let it worry me.


I generally feel that I am a worthwhile person.
I generally look on the bright side of life.
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