André van Kempen

Meet our strategic wizard. He has been active in the digital world for more than 19 years as an entrepreneur, business owner, and is recently the digital growth consultant for the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. He supported hundreds of For-profit & Non-profit optimizations to achieve their ambitious growth goals in a creative and sustainable way. His main focus is on e-commerce, e-learning, growth marketing, interaction design, conversion optimization, and strategy.

A Magic Coffee Bean or Strong Values?

There are companies, both big and small, that we visit every day, but we might not stop and consider why we like them or keep going back to them instead of trying their direct competitors. Like Starbucks, I know for sure that you can find in the same street a cheaper and perhaps better qualitative alternative for your morning latte.

How are you doing.. or feeling?

Mostly the answer to this question is: “Yes, great-busy”…but why are we not answering this question with a real response from our heart? Why is it so difficult to talk about our real feelings and about how we are doing? What’s happening at the moment? It’s so easy to communicate with all the social media but why do we not talk about the real deal and our true feeling?

The importance of self-compassion

Sometimes there are things in life you just can’t avoid. There are certain moments, feelings and situations you have to go through whether you like it or not. Life happens and you can’t escape it, move around it, or ignore it. “The only way out is through.” It’s like a big pink elephant in the room we all try not to see, but we are all aware of its presence. It’s the same with unpleasant emotions and tough times in our lives.