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Preko 25.000 ljudi je prošlo moje edukacije širom sveta

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Our talk on HR Experience

Compassion fatigue in the workplace

Our mission

Providing experiential education and practical resources to help organizations in Serbia en abroad build a foundation for a healthy and productive workplace.

Increase awareness, develop resilience, and improve emotional intelligence while building companionship within your great team.

Amazing organizations we’re working with:

“It is crucial today to educate employees about what they can do by themselves to get through difficult and challenging situations. TRE is a really good starting point, and I highly recommend it.”

Maja Nedučić Partner & Chief People Officer Vega IT

Well-being beyond
just physical fitness.

Well-being in the workplace is no longer a trend but a necessity. There’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to employer well-being… Only how and where to start?

Our Mental Fitness approach is a practice of mindful-based methods which develop resilience and improves emotional intelligence to nurture meaningful connections and companionship within your team. Read more in our catalogue

How mentally fit are you?

It takes just two minutes to find out how mentally fit you are.