Make your journey more conscious by integrating our Conscious Entrepreneur Attitudes.

Often people came to our training with pre-set goals they want to achieve by practicing and often expect to become “mindful” – if they do exercises and techniques correctly if they meditate, do the homework regularly, read the appropriate literature…

Of course, the “results” will come if you dedicate yourself more to the program and practice, but the very moment of “striving” and setting appropriate goals can be an obstacle to our practice. First of all, because Mindfulness is an experiential approach and as I often call it “return to yourself”, that is, you are in a way learning how to be present with yourself and present in your own life, relationships with others and the things you do.

Sometimes that presence means that all the techniques and exercises you “learned” during the program just don’t work and that will fuel your frustration even more.

You will not be able to believe that you have been meditating and doing informal exercises, grounding techniques for so long, that right now when you need mindfulness so much, you simply cannot be aware and present.

I’m still a Human 🙂

It happens to me that when people see me annoyed or angry, they say to me: “But you are a Mindfulness teacher!” Thinking that because of that I have no feelings of frustration or anger in my life, that people who practice Mindfulness live in someone eternal state of well-being. That’s not exactly the case.

It’s one of the misconceptions that is often associated with Mindfulness. In order to better understand the values ​​of Mindfulness in general and the way of practising the exercises within this practice, it is necessary that we are familiar with the 7 Mindfulness attitudes.

– Vesna Lakovic van Kempen

It’s all interconnected

These are the basic postulates of our practice. If you want to fully embrace our values of mindfulness and develop your conscious attention as an entrepreneur, it’s important to nurture these attitudes.

They are interconnected and we cannot observe them separately from each other. Over time you will see how they complement each other and how by actually nurturing these attitudes in our meditation practice we actually nurture them in our relationships with others, life, and the compassionate relationship we build with others and ourselves.