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“Working with Bujoo on remodeling and altering my course and marketing around it helped improve my methodologies, as well as align them more with my newly specified client/student avatar.”

– Marina Kolaric

Our 3 packages.

Program packaging optionGroup
Lite Starter
Fully Packed
Instant access to our social learning platform3 MonthsLifetimeLifetime
Module 1: Understand your students.
Module 2: (re)Design your course.
Module 3: Deepen your skills.
Module 4: Prepare to launch.
Extra bonus: VIP group to connect with other teachers.3 MonthsLifetimeLifetime
Bujoo Framework™ worksheets
– Student journey mapper
– Student avatar designer
– Education model canvas
– Perfect offer crafter

– One-Page Bujoo Framework™
Bujoo Facilitator Toolbox™
4 x Zoom group coaching sessions with André and Vesna
Feedback Fridays support
1-on-1 One page Bujoo Framework™ review session
1-on-1 Mentorship sessions with André and Vesna4 x 60 min
Package pricing:Price: €395
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Price: €695
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Price: €1395
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