Meet Your New Launch Club Relationship Navigator.

Vesna Lakovic van Kempen

Is your community thriving with entrepreneurs who are building amazing businesses all over the world? Are you searching for someone who is excited to jump right in, engage your members, strengthen your community in a compassionate and professional way — instead of overwhelming, overselling, or annoying them to foster relationships that last a lifetime!

Why me?

I’m the one who sees this challenge not “just as a job”, it’s for me the perfect opportunity, at the perfect time to support great entrepreneurs who are doing incredible things in the world. Because, I’m done with “flying solo” and like to land in a warm nest with like-minded colleagues and professionals, to reach beyond my personal capacity.

Personal skillset

  • Excellent communication skills
    (assertive, mindful communication)
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Innovative, creative, and eager to learn
    (I love to be challenged!)
  • Problem-solving and problem prevention
  • Stress Management skills and resilient mindset
  • Excellent organizational skills and time management
  • Objective when making decisions

Area of expertise

  • Teaching & Facilitation
  • Mindfulness & Compassion & Stress management
  • Program development
  • Social media marketing
  • Project coordination
  • Coaching & counselling & supervision
  • Online community management

Who I am

Since my high school days and during my studies I have been volunteering & working within the NGO sector organizing workshops, leading international camps, being a project coordinator, mentor and developing my skills as a trainer and facilitator. All that experience led me to bachelor studies in Pedagogy (Education) and later MSc in Management in Education.

While working in a youth center in Slovenia I discovered Mindfulness and Self-compassion and it had a great impact on my values, personality, and how I see the world. So I when I returned to Serbia I founded Mindfulness Centar Novi Sad with a mission to spread awareness around this topic in the Balkan region. I was one of the first Mindfulness teachers in the Balkans and the first MSC (Mindful self-compassion) teacher. It was difficult to spread awareness around these topics because many people have never heard of them. Since I’m a person who likes to bring innovation and loves a challenge – my entrepreneurial journey started!

In the last 6 years, I have organized many educational trainings, events, and projects for various groups of participants. I love to see how far I can go (and grow!), so I worked with children, youth, families but also with professionals – teachers, psychologists, psychotherapists as well as HRs and companies. In this period I also spent 9 months working in New life foundation – a mindful-based addiction recovery community in Thailand – as a counselor and teacher. During the Covid pandemic in 2020. I had more than thousands of people participating in my webinars with the aim to support people during these challenging times. This year I plan to publish my first book – resilience manual based on mindfulness and self-compassion practices.

Today my direction goes in a little bit different way. Together with my husband I’m sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow teachers & trainers in the field of marketing & sales who wish to have more time to do what they love and not be burdened by all the self-promotion worries and fears which prevent them from being sustainable entrepreneurs.

Organisations I worked for and work with:

Let’s Get Ready
To Launch Me!

Like to know why me…

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Vesna on several trainings within non-governmental organizations where she was either a participant or she was the organizer of the training. Although that was a few years ago, even then you could see her expertise and very dedicated attitude towards work and towards her colleagues and participants. Later I participated in one of her training sessions. Vesna inspires, transfers knowledge in a calm, easily understandable way, but also in a very interesting and interactive way. In addition, she is always there to help. Any content she shares iis immensely useful, innovative and easily applicable in the work.

Julija Milovanovic Ilic

Julija Milovanovic Ilic

entrepreneur and founder of Playducate

I had my first education on the topic of mindfulness with Vesna and I highly recommend her. It was an awesome experience for me, returning to myself and slowing down at this quick pace of our lives. Vesna is an exceptional coach, dedicated, professional and expert in this area.

Sanja Miladinović

Sanja Miladinović


I have had the pleasure to get advice and support from Vesna when I have designed my Mindfulness – NLP program. It has started with me being a participant in her mindfulness training. That great experience changed my habits, opened my mind, and nourished my inner self. It has also motivated me to make my own NLP – mindfulness program. Vesna’s openness and kindness, willingness to share made me ask her for professional advice. She has really understood what I wanted to achieve and gave me great inputs. I can hardly wait to see what else we could achieve together!

Tatjana Šokčić

Tatjana Šokčić


How I Impact The World.

Within my own power I inspired and supported more than hundreds youngsters and thousands of people with my mindful-based education programs and webinars — hopefully within Internet Alchemy we can reach beyond my own imagination!

We created a youth mastermind club to build our own 7-week blended learning program, using SCRUM and customer-first experience.

I designed and run together with my husband and amazing experts my own 7-week psychoeducational program “Dare to be Human” for the youth in Serbia.

Meet Your New Launch Club Relationship Navigator.

Hello, I’m Vesna Lakovic van Kempen and I’m 100% ready for this new challenge.