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Workplace Focus: Mindfulness Techniques for Greater Productivity


Mindfulness in the workplace – A well-being quick fix or long-term solution?

Webinar by Vesna Laković van Kempen

The option of free consultations for everyone who is interested in applying Mindfulness in their workplace – within their team, organization, company or institution is still open and you can schedule them at this link:

In this video, we delve into the topic of mindfulness in the workplace, exploring whether it’s a quick fix for well-being or a long-term solution. With timestamps in the description, you can easily navigate the video to find the most relevant parts. We debunk three common myths about mindfulness and explain its definition. We also highlight the benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace, as well as the challenges you might face when starting out. If you’re interested in supporting your team with mindfulness, we offer tips for establishing a clear structure and strategy. Plus, we invite you to book a free consultation with us. The video concludes with a Q&A session where we answer viewer questions. Join us on this journey of learning and discovery!

Upcoming webinar Tuesday, 21 March

Mastering Workplace Focus:
Practical Mindfulness Techniques for Greater Productivity

Webinar thought in both English and Serbian!

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