We design your (online) education
for how people learn.

You know that your organization is not using education to the maximum potential, and neither you nor anyone else in your organization knows how to utilize education properly to create freedom instead of chaos.

That’s why theseorganizations hired us.

Where to start?

Step Zero

If you are lost, not sure where to start, or what step to take next, we offer a 30-minute free discovery call with one of our experts.

First Step

Before we start, we need to get clear on needs and responsibilities. For that, we conduct a need assessment and interactive brainstorm. This way, we can create an estimation tailored to your needs.

Next steps

It’s time to plan and kick off your project. Now we know the starting point and how to bring the transformation in our clients, students, or employers.

Included in your orientation

  • Need Assessment Survey to get clear on your needs and other project details.
  • A 4-hour Interactive Workshop to dive deeper into your survey results, student avatar, and best practice do’s and don’t while creating your education.
  • Evaluation Session where we present your outcome: rough course outline, budget, and project scope.
  • Access to our education creation toolbox: checklists, one-pagers, and worksheets.

Bujoo Orientation

After the orientation, you will be clear on:

  • Project Goals, Objectives, and Deliverables
  • Technical and Other Requirements
  • Limitations and Constraints
  • Real benefits of instructional design


Steve Hickman, Psy. D.
Executive Director of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (CMSC).

Education is not just about information. It’s about how you apply it to your life.

Planning ahead is essential. Without a plan, your strategy will just be an endless list of to-dos.

The WOW factor is not just in the name. We make education more genuine than you could ever imagine.

Andre is a special person. He has the guts to make decisions that few people dare to make. This means that he has found the way to ultimate wisdom, happiness and success, or Quality of LIFE (the plural of COURAGE). Being happy is not a destination, but enjoying the journey. He has understood that message like no other. He is now making the most beautiful journey of his life and I enjoy it again. An inspiration for many to realize that you make decisions every minute of the day. Do you have the COURAGE to choose your own quality of life? If not, I advise you to let Andre enrich you.

Sven Rickli

Sven Rickli


André is very creative. His brain forms strategic solutions for people and companies. A man with a story, a man with a vision. Partly because of André, I am as an entrepreneur where I am now. He works from his heart and that touches me, which is why we are buddies too. Would I recommend this man? YES YES YES

Sven Roumen

Sven Roumen