Entrepreneurs need entrepreneurial resilience.

Entrepreneurial resilience is a set of processes entrepreneurial leaders use to develop and deploy their capabilities in order to adapt and respond to adversity encountered in their role as an entrepreneur.

For Those Who Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

When you’re committed to your vision, it’s not always an easy road. Entrepreneurial resilience is the process of building the skills and capabilities to adapt and respond to adversity encountered in one’s role as an entrepreneur. It’s that mix of grit, determination, and creativity that helps entrepreneurs overcome the inevitable obstacles they’ll face on the journey to success.

Forge a new path.

So many of the qualities that entrepreneurs need to succeed are things they can’t control, but they can learn resilience, which is about what you can control. Forge a new path with confidence and humility.

Stop feeling like you’re alone.

Entrepreneurial resilience helps entrepreneurs develop the skills and processes they need to weather any storm. Gain strength from adversity with entrepreneurial resilience.

Learn from your mistakes.

Don’t get discouraged when things don’t go according to plan. Learn from your mistakes and take the next step forward!

André is absolutely amazing!
He created a platform and system that absolutely WOWed our team. We just don’t want too many people to find out how great he is because we don’t want to share him! 😀

Steven Hickman, Psy.D.

Steven Hickman, Psy.D.


I did two courses with them and will definitely attend some more. I would recommend their courses to everyone who wants to learn something more about themselves, everyone who wants to gain more focus in everyday tasks, and who wants to “grow”. Vesna and Andre are starting a great story that is beneficial to all people who seeks a peaceful mind, heart, and body 🙏
Highly recommend it 💚

Petra Plecity

Petra Plecity


André is very creative. His brain forms strategic solutions for people and companies. A man with a story, a man with a vision. Partly because of André, I’m an entrepreneur where I am now. He works from his heart and that touches me, which is why we are buddies too. Would I recommend this man? YES YES YES

Sven Roumen

Sven Roumen


Why not be resilient?!

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