Learn to Promote your offer with Confidence & Consciousness

Two-Day workshop

Join our 2-day LIVE workshop, and learn how to promote your offer to inspire, educate, while creating long-lasting relationships with the clients you wish to work with — instead of overwhelming, overselling or annoying them.

This training will be held on the second Thursday and Friday of the month.

  • 9 – 10 September Thursday & Friday
    10:00 till 13:00 (PT) 19:00 till 22:00 (CET)
  • 14 – 15 October Thursday & Friday
    10:00 till 13:00 (PT) 19:00 till 22:00 (CET)

Use the right mindset & systems to achieve your goals faster and with more ease.

Boost your self-esteem, create your conscious growth strategy, build your step-by-step action plan, and become your own best support to stay persistent — Get The Courage to Show-Up!

Meet Vesna
the knowledge geek

She has more than 13 years of experience in curriculum design, facilitation, teaching, including her master’s degree in management and education. For the last 6 years, she’s mainly focused on creating and teaching Mindfulness and Self-Compassion-based programs to make people more resilient. She is the one who brought mindfulness to Serbia and brings now mindful self-compassion (MSC) to the Balkans. She has been teaching thousands of people in diverse group settings around the world..

Meet André
the strategic wizard

He has been active in the digital world for more than 19 years as an entrepreneur, business owner, and is recently the digital growth consultant for the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. He supported hundreds of For-profit & Non-profit optimizations to achieve their ambitious growth goals in a creative and sustainable way. His main focus is on e-commerce, e-learning, growth marketing, interaction design, conversion optimization, and strategy.

This workshop is designed for coaches, educators, teachers, and trainers of all levels who like to promote and fill their training only struggling with…

  • How can I stand out in the crowded education market without overwhelming and overselling?
  • How do I promote my training without having lots of technical knowledge or sales skills?
  • How to convince the people I wish to work with to join my training and pay me the value I deserve?
  • How to recognize my accomplishments, and enjoy celebrating getting new clients?
  • How to have the courage to show up, trust my inner voice, and grow my business?

Learn Through Action

Student journey

Write your Story

Connect with your personal story that brought you on this path and learn which is the best way to share it with your students.

Student avatar

Identify your Student

Define the representation of your ideal student — the type of student you want to have on your course or training.

Education canvas

Craft your Offer

Learn how to use our step-by-step solution craft method — to craft an offer that speaks to your audience.

Perfect offer crafter

Launch your Offer

Are you ready to take the next step? It’s time for you to stop hiding and start showing up!

Transform Yourself


  • Uncomfortable
  • Overwhelmed
  • Confused
  • Undervalued


  • Courageous
  • Strategic
  • Consistent
  • Impactful

Extra Bonus

We believe that staying persistent is the key to success.
That’s why we always include aftercare in our training. Because during the training, we will focus mainly on your mindset and our systems, so you will be prepared to execute afterward. Only we know that doing the execution just by yourself can be scary. No worries, we will still have your back after the training!

Know your next steps

30-day action guide

Get access to our 30-day action guide, where we show you step-by-step how to implement your conscious growth strategy.

Community Learning

Private community

Grow together and collaborate in our private community, join our weekly Q&A, monthly inspiration session, and way more!

What our partners say about us.

Andre is absolutely amazing! He created a platform and system that absolutely WOWed our team. We just don’t want too many people to find out how great he is because we don’t want to share him!”

Steven Hickman, Psy.D.

Steven Hickman, Psy.D.

Executive Director at Center For Mindful Self-Compassion

The platform that Bujoo created for our online training is astonishing. Who knew that soft objectives such as personal and professional development, connection, and community could have such an accessible, integrated, user-friendly technical backbone. André has the technical chops and artistic sensibility to make your online vision come to life. Amazing, really.

Dr. Chris Germer

Dr. Chris Germer

clinical psychologist and co-creator of the Mindful Self-Compassion program.

Grow yourself and your business.

Join our 2-Day Workshop for just <strong>$97,-</strong>

  • 9 – 10 September Thursday & Friday
    10:00 till 13:00 (PT) 19:00 till 22:00 (CET)
  • 14 – 15 October Thursday & Friday
    10:00 till 13:00 (PT) 19:00 till 22:00 (CET)

This training will be held on the second Thursday and Friday of the month.

Training includes

  • 6 hours of live training with André & Vesna
  • Workbook with exercises and reflection
  • Perfect offer crafter template
  • Student avatar creator template
  • 30-day plan for step-by-step implementation
  • Ongoing support in our private community

We believe in Educating with Confidence & Consciousness.

we practice what we preach

If you have the courage to show up, only our method is not working for you… we refund your full investment — no questions asked!

I have had the pleasure to get advice and support from Vesna and André when I have designed my Mindfulness – NLP program. It has started with me being a participant in her mindfulness training. That great experience changed my habits, opened my mind, and nourished my inner self. It has also motivated me to make my own NLP – mindfulness program. Vesna’s openness and kindness, willingness to share made me ask her for professional advice. She has really understood what I wanted to achieve and gave me great inputs. I can hardly wait to see what else we could achieve together!

Tatjana Šokčić

Tatjana Šokčić

Founder MyNLP & HR Centar

Like so many people around 30, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life lately and I was not quite sure what I want to do in the business field, but Andre did let me look in the mirror. What do you want and who are you actually. We often follow each other in order to achieve certain targets or goals, but what do we actually want. We live short, and it’s all about spending time and doing fun things with people you care about, making new memories together.

Niels van de Wiel

Niels van de Wiel

Business consultant

Andre is a special person. He has the guts to make decisions that few people dare to make. This means that he has found the way to ultimate wisdom, happiness and success, or Quality of LIFE (the plural of COURAGE). Being happy is not a destination, but enjoying the journey. He has understood that message like no other. He is now making the most beautiful journey of his life and I enjoy it again. An inspiration for many to realize that you make decisions every minute of the day. Do you have the COURAGE to choose your own quality of life? If not, I advise you to let Andre enrich you.

Sven Rickli

Sven Rickli

Organizational Psychologist

I had my first education on the topic of mindfulness with Vesna and I highly recommend her. It was an awesome experience for me, returning to myself and slowing down at this quick pace of our lives. Vesna is an exceptional coach, dedicated, professional and expert in this area.

Sanja Miladinovic

Sanja Miladinovic

Talent Acqusition Lead, WB, Baltics and CEGB FOBO at PepsiCo

I am happy to write this recommendation for André. I know André as a specialist in everything related to “growth”. A creative entrepreneur pur sang. His open and critical attitude makes him a sincere advisor and a strong sparring partner. When everyone gets stuck, it is André who always comes up with a creative solution. A consultation with André is guaranteed to bring you new insights.

Evert van den Berg

Evert van den Berg

Commercieel Directeur at Suit Up

André is very creative. His brain forms strategic solutions for people and company. A man with a story, a man with a vision. Partly because of André, I am as an entrepreneur where I am now. He works from his heart and that touches me, which is why we are buddies too. Would I recommend this man? YES YES YES

Sven Roumen

Sven Roumen

Creative Director at Concept God

I did two courses with them and will definitely attend some more. I would recommend their courses to everyone who wants to learn something more about themselves, everyone who wants to gain more focus in everyday tasks and who wants to “grow”. Vesna and Andre are starting a great story that is beneficial to all people who seeks a peaceful mind, heart and body 🙏
Highly recommend it 💚

Petra Plecity

Petra Plecity

MC computer science

As someone who teaches mindfulness, I can only say the best about Mindfulness Center and Vesna Laković. Novi sad is very happy to have this kind of support and resource like this! I highly recommend to everyone training and workshops that are offered. Vesna is an excellent expert in the field of mindfulness, but also a wonderful person with whom it is always a pleasure to cooperate with.

Marina Kolaric

Marina Kolaric

psychologist & counselor

A few years ago I met these techniques for the first time and passed a two-day training with Vesna. Extraordinary experience! I adopted some things, customized to myself and use them daily. Breathing Techniques. Awareness of emotions that remain stuck in the body. Focus on now and here. Vesna literally lives this concept with her authentic energy and peace. I am glad that these precious experiences, and methods of world experts were brought to Serbia. For every recommendation! Something that every person needs to know and learn about themselves!

Zorica Pajantić

Zorica Pajantić


Focus on your expertise and leave the strategy and technology to us!

We put experts and knowledge leaders in the spotlight to secure the educational standards in the nowadays complex, fast-growing online influencer world.

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