Resources to develop yourself and grow your business.

How To Identify Your Student Avatar

Identify your ideal students and give them what they need.​​ Use this 1-Page Student Avatar Worksheet to determine who your ideal student or client is, where they are and what their needs are.

Improve Your Entrepreneurial Resilience

Improving resilience is a process, not a destination. In this course, you’ll learn how to cultivate your own resilience by looking at the skills and processes that can help you bounce back from adversity and keep going.

Create Your Perfect Offer

Are you a teacher, coach, expert, or knowledge leader? Get the strategies and secrets to create or refine your offer in a way that really speaks to your audience.

Record Better Testimonials

Start to improve your social proof today! Created for trainers, teachers, and coaches who want to record personal testimonials in a conscious and confident way.

Increase Your Resilience

Dare yourself and grow your entrepreneurial resilience in the next four days! Join our four-day resilience challenge, to design your personal resilience plan.

Useful Tools to Hack your Growth.

Nowadays there are so many different tools offer in the market, here is our selection of pearls we found and use by ourselves.