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Workplace Focus: Mindfulness Techniques for Greater Productivity

Tension and Stress Release Exercises TRE in your organization

Reduce physical stress within your body with TRE in your organization

We provide Tension and Stress Release Exercises also called TRE, it’s an innovative series of exercises that help the body release deep muscle patterns of stress and tension.

TRE are exercises that safely activate the natural reflex mechanism of trembling or vibration, which releases muscle tension, calming the nervous system. When this vibrational muscle mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return to a state of balance.
Sometimes the participants laugh during the exercise, sometimes they just tremble slightly, they feel different sensations in the body or have a variety of experiences…

The body’s answer for all of us is really individual and unique. What all participants have in common is a feeling of relief and relaxation after exercise.

Why using TRE in your organization

TRE is a perfect approach to introducing your team to mental fitness, because there is no talking, sharing emotions, or difficult movement. Furthermore, after a single session, your employees will feel directly the benefits.

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TRE is ideal for all who are:

  • under stress, tension
  • feel inner tension
  • have a problem with relaxation
  • Insomnia
  • Irritabilityphysical pain: back pain, neck pain, headaches…react aggressively in stressful situations- issues with controlling their anger
  • they want to bring more peace and relaxation into their lives

Also to all those who want to feel more comfortable, calmer, and more relaxed in their skin, for all those who want to raise their level of resilience (resistance).

The benefits of TRE

What the participants first notice is the reduction of tension in the body, the calming of the nervous system, and the feeling of relaxation. On a physical level, it can be better circulation in the arms and legs, feeling more energized. On an emotional level, we notice that we react more calmly in stressful situations especially if we are more impulsive in our reactions. Many common physical ailments caused by stress can be alleviated after even one encounter. Better sleep, reduction of back pain, reduction of neck tension, and headaches.

With TRE you can:

  • Relax
  • Get rid of everyday stresses
  • Manage emotions more easily
  • Alleviate the effects of trauma and stress disorders
  • Relaxation after exercising
  • Connect with your body

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