What is your happiness score today?

Often people are talking about happiness and that we all want to be happy en enjoy our lives. Only how aware are you of your state of happiness, how satisfied are you at the moment, what is it that makes you happy, how does true happiness feels? In the last years, I use a straightforward but mighty tool to measure my state of joy. You can apply it by yourself or use it together with others.

Your Happiness Score Tool.

1. Close your eyes and take three mindful deep breaths, into your nose and out to your mouth.
2. Connect with yourself and feel the sensations in your body.
3. Ask yourself a simple question: “On a scale from 1 till 10… how happy am I?”.
4. Don’t think about the answer but try to feel and recognize the answer within yourself.
5. Ask yourself the next question: “What exactly is giving me this feeling?”
6. Deepen your happiness score by connecting it with how you feel at the moment.

Repeat this exercise for at least two weeks twice per day before your breakfast and lunch and write down your happiness score, and if you want, you can also add the reason why it’s higher or lower than before. In the beginning, it will be quite challenging to connect a score to a feeling. Believe me, after a couple of days you become more aware and comfortable with defining your score.

Your benefits.

This exercise will make your feelings concerning happiness measurable and touchable and you get a better view of events and happenings in your day that are influencing your happiness score.

After sharing this tool, my happiness score became a 9 🙂
What is your happiness score today and why?

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