Mindful self-compassion – “Calm” yourself and connect your team

Work together on self-criticism, self-judgment, and perfectionism when it is not functional.

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What is Mindful self-compassion?

Compassion involves our ability to recognize that other people are suffering, or going through a difficult period, and to respond to it through our sense of care and need to do something to help that person. Compassion also implies that we offer a person our understanding and care, rather than judgment and criticism.

Mindful self-compassion consists of three components: Mindfulness, Common humanity, and Self-kindness.

Self-compassion involves behaving in the same way, but towards ourselves when we go through a difficult period, when we have failed or we are dissatisfied with ourselves. Instead of ignoring, criticizing, or judging ourselves, we offer ourselves understanding, care, and compassion when it is difficult for us.

The Benefits of Mindful self-compassion:

  • Introducing participants to the terms of self-compassion, it’s three components and misconceptions people often have around it
  • How to take care of ourselves when we go through challenging periods,
  • Recognizing our unpleasant emotions and controlling its impact on our daily lives
  • Becoming aware and defining our values and needs in private and professional relationships- personal boundaries
  • Creating a self-care plan which includes 4 components: mental, relational, physical and emotional part.

Mindful self-compassion Workshop content:

  • Short theory frame about mindful self-compassion, 3 components and 3 most common misconceptions about it
  • Awareness of our inner critic and self-criticism – experiential written exercise
  • Exercise in pairs/small groups: defining our values and needs we often neglected in relationships with others
  • Exercise in pairs: Personal boundaries- how to take care of myself while I help others
  • Creating a personal self-care plan: mental, emotional, physical and relational component
  • Mindful-self compassion break meditation