Shake off your stress with TRE

TRE stands for stress and tension release exercises.

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TRE is a set of 7 exercises that activate the natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibration that releases muscle tension, calming the nervous system. When this muscular shake/vibration mechanism is activated the body is encouraged to return to balance.

Once you have learned the exercises and can feel and allow the tremors, you just let the body do its own healing and clearing out of overwhelming experiences. It really can be that easy. TRE is an important part of our wellbeing workshops.

The Benefits of TRE:

  • Becoming aware of our own different responses to stress in daily life
  • Learning and practicing how to do 7 TRE exercises in a proper way
  • Becoming familiar with the concept of self-regulation and practicing it through these exercises
  • Connecting better with our bodies and releasing the tension and stress which is stored in the body

Workshop content:

  • Short theory framework about our responses to stress and the concept of self-regulation
  • Demonstration of TRE exercises from the trainer to the whole group
  • Group practice of TRE exercises in the group
  • Group reflection after exercises and advise how to use TRE as a self-help method in daily life