Identify your ideal students and give them what they need.

​​Use this 1-Page Student Avatar Worksheet to determine who your ideal student or client is, where they are and what their needs are.

Find your next student.

Find out who your next student is and how to reach them with the 1-Page Student Avatar Worksheet. It’s a simple and fast way to get clear on your ideal student and make sure you’re meeting their needs.

Identify your target student.

Before you start designing campaigns and content, figure out who your target students are. Use this worksheet to determine their interests, where they’re most likely to be found, and what their needs are. Then design specific campaigns and content that will resonate with them.

Design your ideal student.

With the 1-Page Student Avatar Worksheet, you can design your ideal customer and use them to determine your brand positioning and copywriting. It’s essential for designers and marketers to know who they’re designing or marketing to

Create a personalized marketing message.

Marketing messages that speak to your ideal student will fill your classes with more ease. Use the 1-Page Student Avatar Worksheet to find out who your ideal student is, where they are and what their needs are so you can tailor your message to address their goals, challenges, and objections.

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Easily identify your ideal student.