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Why investing in your workplace wellbeing with our services?

Workplace wellbeing, also known as Mental Fitness, is the mental, physical, and emotional health of your workforce as a whole. The well-being of employees is influenced by factors such as their relationships with coworkers, their decisions, and their access to tools and resources.

We provide a practice of mindful-based approaches that foster meaningful connections and companionship within teams by developing resilience and improving emotional intelligence.

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“It is crucial today to educate employees about what they can do by themselves to get through difficult and challenging situations. Bujoo offers a really good starting point, and I highly recommend them.”

Maja Nedučić

Partner & Chief People Officer Vega IT

Individual benefits

Feeling psychological safe

Feeling resilient and willing to take extra steps

Know how to act in difficult situations

Feeling creative & curious

Feel more satisfied with themselves

Tools to take better personal care

Team benefits

Healthier work atmosphere

Stronger collaboration

Honest and open communication

Boosting innovation

Deeper connection within your team

Reduces burnout & exhaustion

What will it mean to reduce your organization’s absence by one single day or more?

Benefits for your organization:

  • Less absenteeism due to illness more mental fit employees
  • Less HR costs, due to less turnover due to ‘happy’ (engaged) employees
  • More engaged employees, through more energetic and positive employees
  • Higher happiness at work, more energetic and aware employee (less likely to burnout)

Understand your real wellbeing needs today

We understand that every organization has different wellbeing challenges and needs. This is why we offer a free need assessment to determine where you should focus.