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The team at Longshot developed a new way to research and generate the content your audience wants to read. They build an AI assistant that can help you write better content faster, for less.

AI for content creators

Need to find out what your audience cares about? Struggling to create content your readers will love? Longshot is an AI assistant that’ll find the best content for you according to your goals.

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You’ve got a knack for writing, but not an eye for research. We’ve got you covered with questions, trends, insights, keywords about the niche you want to write about. So if you want to write better content and learn more about your audience, get Longshot.

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Use Longshot to create the best-performing content in record time. With an AI assistant that can be steered with few clicks, we make it easy for you to write long-form on the fly. You can steer it in any direction and Longshot will keep up every step of the way.

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Longshot is like your personal assistant.