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Embrace Your Inner Superhero – Mindful Self-Compassion Unleashed

Get ready for a webinar where we’ll dive into the world of mindful self-compassion. Discover practical strategies to conquer challenging thoughts, embrace imperfections, and bounce back with resilience. You’ll become a compassionate superhero, embracing yourself and your life. Join us and connect with your inner powers!

  • Tuesday, 20 June 19:00 CET





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15 years of facilitation experience and 8 years as a certified Mindfulness Trainer.

Over 25,000 students have gone through our education all over the world.

Learn from graduated pedagogue with a master’s degree in educational management.

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We believe when it comes to workplace well-being, the focus should shift from WHY to HOW.

This learning journey is specially designed to help HR and people-people support their teams. Dive monthly into a new workplace well-being topic to discover and break down stereotypes, myths, prejudices, and beliefs — including practical examples and tools to save you hours of research and get you started.

Topics you’ll discover in the next months

Mindfulness Attention & Concentration Stress control Emotions & Thoughts Self-compassion Resilience

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mindfulness in the workplace

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Attention and Concentration

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Stress control

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Emotions and Thoughts

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Tuesday 20 June


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Resilience Week

26 June – 1 July

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This journey is created for

Human Resources (HR) and People-People departments in local Serbian organizations and multinationals with a hub in Serbia who are committed to promoting the mental well-being of their employees.

These departments are looking for ways to improve the mental health of their employees through virtual, in-person, blended, and online education in English or Serbian that is tailored to the needs and values of the Serbian market.

Receive monthly access to a new:



We’ll kick off the month by publishing an engaging article that provides a sneak peek into the subject matter.



We’ll release a thought-provoking podcast that debunks common myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic.



One of our core values is to practice what you preach, so we’ll share some tools and exercises so you can reap the benefits for yourself.



To build a sense of community and encourage open conversation, we’ll host a free webinar with lively discussions to learn more about the topic.

Meet your facilitators Vesna & André van Kempen.

A power couple with two different backgrounds and two different voices — only one clear mission!

What clients say about us

“It is crucial today to educate employees about what they can do by themselves to get through difficult and challenging situations. TRE is a really good starting point, and I highly recommend it.”

Maja Nedučić Partner & Chief People Officer Vega IT

We support ETHzürich in prioritizing mental well-being.

Raising awareness of the problems and consequences of poor mental well-being on all of us – students at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels, researchers, faculty and staff.

Vesna is such a wonderful person! She shares her knowledge and experience selflessly, her workshops were so meaningful to me. Warm recommendation for everything he does.

Danka Parun

Great workshops that I would recommend to anyone. Vesna and Andre are real professionals in their job

Marina Filagic

Such a great experience! I learned useful and interesting exercises in the workshops. also a reminder of how important self care is😊

Timea Bodiš Bašić

A course related to conscious attention and stress management has become part of my great experiences. The online platform is well organized 🙂

Milica Miličević

Awesome. Recommendation for everyone who wants to work on themselves, but also for those who work in direct contact with people. ❤️

Jovana Cvijanović