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Q: It is complicated with mixed emotions when something is out of my control maybe. Yeah, for sure. That it’s more, more complicated and for sure when things are out of our control and in a way, like we are not, when we talk about like difficult emotions, it’s not about so much about controlling them, but it’s more about allowing them to be there, accepting that they’re there, giving them space rather than, I, I’m in control now.
A: Yes, managing emotions can be complex especially when something is out of your control. The focus should not be on controlling the emotions, but on acknowledging their presence and giving them space. This can help you prevent being overwhelmed especially in challenging situations. A useful approach can be practicing self-compassion, which involves comforting and validating your feelings. It’s important to recognize and communicate what you’re feeling to be able to manage it better.

Q: How to give space to emotions. Intense ones as you say, during the conversation.
A: When dealing with intense emotions during a conversation, you could consider taking a pause, practicing deep breathing, or doing grounding exercises. It may also help to express your feelings directly, if you feel comfortable doing so. It’s important to understand your individual needs and reactions, as everyone’s self-regulation strategies may differ.

Q: How can that be applied in business situations?
A: In a business context, you can slow down your response, take a few deep breaths, and do grounding exercises to calm yourself. It may also be beneficial to name your feelings for your own understanding, and if appropriate, communicate them to others. This will largely depend on the nature of your workplace and relationships.

Q: I think I did self-regulation wrong because this way my emotions were suppressed and not recognized.
A: It can be a common misconception to associate self-regulation with suppressing emotions. In reality, self-regulation involves acknowledging and allowing space for emotions. Instead of overanalyzing them, try to stay present with the emotions as they occur. You can consider journaling about them later for deeper understanding.

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