Mindfulness Workshop for Stress Reduction & Mental Health

Are you wondering why should you attend mindfulness and stress control workshop?

By practicing mindfulness, we are learning how to rely on our inner resources, we develop understanding, patience, compassion and gain insight into the importance of the connection between our body and mind. We practice better acceptance of our emotions and ways that can help in taking better care of ourselves.

Mindfulness’s experiential approach makes it possible to become aware of our “bad habits”, unpleasant emotions, situations that stress us and our usual reactions to stress. By exploring these phenomena we find new ways of reacting and changing our “rooted” habits and reactions and learning how to embrace the diversity of our emotions and moods without being controlled or overwhelmed by them.

The Benefits of Mindfulness and stress control workshop:

  • Becoming familiar with the term mindfulness
  • Developing the ability to relax
  • Building capacity to improve attention, concentration, and memory
  • Greater appreciation and acceptance of oneself and others

Mindfulness and Stress Control Workshop content:

  • Mindfulness– short theoretical framework, a connection between mindfulness and the brain
  • Experiential mindfulness exercises: attention, focus, and senses
  • Diving deeper: Recognizing the impact of thoughts, feelings, and moods on our everyday life and relationships with others – working in pairs/small groups
  • STOP experiential mindfulness exercise-how to ground yourself and control your reactions
  • Breathing Space experiential mindfulness exercise – better presence and calmer response in stressful situations
  • Mindfulness meditation: Mountain meditation-developing inner resilience

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