Unpacking Mindfulness: Separating Fact from Fiction. Join Vesna and André on this episode of ‘He Said She Said: The Workplace Wellbeing Podcast’ as they delve into the world of mindfulness. From busting myths to exploring its benefits, they’ll leave no stone unturned in their quest to help you understand what mindfulness is all about. Get ready for their monthly webinar by tuning in and learn how mindfulness can be used as a force for change. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking episode!

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  • (00:00) Welcome
  • (00:56) Introduction
  • (02:29) Article recap
  • (04:07) How started your mindfulness journey?
  • (05:49) What is mindfulness?
  • (07:14) Mindfulness misconceptions
  • (09:09) What is wrong with mindfulness?
  • (11:21) Is mindfulness for everyone?
  • (14:05) How is mindfulness more than just meditation?
  • (17:32) How to start with mindfulness?
  • (22:24) What are the benefits of using mindfulness in the workplace?
  • (26:29) Can HR, psychotherapists or coaches easily teach mindfulness?
  • (30:20) Five tips and reminders on how to get your team started practicing mindfulness.
  • (31:56) Final words

Article recap: The way Mindfulness is taught today – adapted to the western world often excludes from itself values

such as empathy, compassion, and concrete ACTIONS to change and do something in our society. 

Only as long as I have my inner peace – I can continue to live into this little bubble of self-satisfaction. Too much emphasis is placed on control of thoughts, emotions, and stress while forgetting that we are primarily social beings that live in communities and with other people. And what is happening around us and in our society it really affects all of us. The way Mindfulness is often taught in the west leads to people being passive individuals who settle for the status quo. 

In order to better manage stress, everyone is expected to shoulder all responsibility, and it is assumed that everyone’s causes of stress are entirely individualistic (suppressing the reality that stress is frequently caused by poor policies, unfavorable socioeconomic conditions, racism, discrimination, and poverty…). 

It is forgotten that Mindfulness practice can really be used as a force of action & developing the awareness of the individual to notice what in the society in which we live doesn’t work and from that state of awareness, understanding, and compassion, the individual takes action to change something.

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