Are you constantly busy and struggling to find balance in your life? Join Vesna and André van Kempen in this eye-opening episode of “He Said, She Said,” as they discuss the glorification of busy-ness and its impact on our lives. From their diverse backgrounds in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, they share personal experiences and insights into how cultivating attention, concentration, and mindful focus can help us break free from the busy trap.

Discover the benefits of mindfulness, not just for productivity, but also for truly enjoying the present moment and building genuine connections with others. Listen in as they delve into the importance of separating work from personal life, overcoming the need to be perceived as successful, and giving the gift of our attention to those who matter most.

Tune in to this engaging episode and find out how to develop resilience, improve emotional intelligence, and foster companionship within your team, ultimately reducing absence, burnout, and emotional exhaustion in the workplace. Don’t miss this crucial conversation on the importance of attention and focus in our increasingly busy world!

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