A true power couple is coming to HR Week on a mission to break the stigma, start the conversation, and support HR in bringing mental fitness to their organization.💥

He is from the Netherlands; she is from Serbia. He is from the corporate; she is from the nonprofit. He was an addict and burned out; she was caring too much and got compassion fatigue. Two different backgrounds, and two different voices, in the same Expert Talk- welcome André van Kempen and Vesna Laković van Kempen! 😎

They are leading together Bujoo Education, with their main focus on bringing mental fitness to organizations in the Balkans. Their approach develops resilience and improves emotional intelligence to build companionship within teams and reduce absence, burnout, and emotional exhaustion within the workplace.

Join André and Vesna van Kempen during their first episode of He said She said, an unfiltered and honest discussion format with diverse views. 🚀

Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/he-said-she-said-bujoo/message

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