How to make an engaging presentation

Presentations can be very informative and eye-opening. They are a great way to share information with a large group of people. However, many presentations are bland and boring. You should make an engaging presentation from the first word to the last word. It should always keep your audience involved and interested so they can learn what you want them to know.

How to make an engaging presentation

Why having a more engaging presentation is important

People are more likely to be engaged with you if they feel like they are participating in the conversation. For example, if you’re giving a presentation and people can’t ask any questions, then they won’t feel like they have any input. This will cause them to be less engaged as it’s not their discussion. They’ll also be less likely to listen because it feels like it’s not their talk.

The best way to make your presentations interactive is by asking questions throughout the presentation. Ideally, you should try to add one or two questions at each break or during every other slide of your presentation. This will keep people engaged because people will feel like they are contributing rather than just listening to what you’re talking about. 

8 ways to make your presentation more engaging

  • Do some research on how people learn best, and tailor your presentation accordingly 
  • Use visual aids to help with understanding certain topics 
  • Ask questions throughout the presentation so that people can engage more 
  • Play a game or do a contest before hand in order to get people excited about the presentation
  • Host a pre-event to build anticipation for the actual event
  • Include time for interaction, whether it’s through a question and answer session at the beginning or end of the presentation, or through interactive activities like group work 
  • Don’t forget to use enthusiasm during your presentation. It will show in your voice, which will keep people interested.


There are a lot of ways to make your presentation more engaging. You can use humor, add some props, or use interactive exercises. The key is to find the best way for you to make your presentation come to life and to keep it interesting for your audience.

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