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Q: Can you elaborate on how being mindful increases productivity and cuts down on wasted time?
A: Yes, practicing mindfulness makes you more productive and focused, leading to better use of your time. As an entrepreneur, mindfulness has helped me juggle multiple tasks efficiently.

Q: Does mindfulness help improve relationships at home?
A: Yes, mindfulness can improve relationships at home by helping you be more present with your spouse and children. It allows you to be more aware of your own happiness and lets you be more present in moments of joy.

Q: Can you tell a little bit more about what you’re offering in ETH Zurich?
A: We conducted workshops at the University of ETH Zurich. These workshops included topics related to tension concentration exercises, team building, resilience, dealing with self-criticism, and mindful communication. We plan to continue this cooperation and possibly offer courses for students in the future.

Q: I spotted a picture from a presentation where you’re doing yoga. Are you also practicing mindfulness there?
A: Yes, we combined tension stress release exercises, which involve slight shaking of the body to release stress, with mindfulness practice. We did a few of these sessions both in-person and online.

Q: Do participants from your programs still use the techniques they’ve learned?
A: Yes, according to feedback, participants have continued to use the techniques they learned, which is great to hear.

Q: Is all your education in English and do you guys work just online?
A: We offer education in English and Serbian, and also in Dutch. We work both in person and online, and we’re open to trainings in various locations.

Q: I’d like to learn more about mindfulness. Where can I find more information?
A: You can check our website for more materials on mindfulness. I’ve also written a book about mindfulness in Serbian.

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