André van Kempen

He has been an entrepreneur pur sang for more than 19 years and has grown different businesses. His superpowers are divergent thinking and unpacking creativity to kick-ass growth strategies; with a focus on leadership, employer branding, growth strategy, and the development of custom (e)learning solutions.

Already my whole life, I’m seeking to solve challenges in a creative way. In 2005 I founded my first company, and in 2009 I founded together with my old companion Wim La Haye Techtwo, now known as Blue Bird Day. Proudly I can say they are three years in a row, awarded the number 1 e-commerce agency in the Emerce top 100 of the Netherlands.

Staring in the recession in the deep competitive red ocean of web-development wasn’t easy. However, the great thing was, it taught me to see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow; it allowed me to celebrate victories and create a culture where we inspire each other by example. Unfortunately enough in 2016, I needed to discover the hard way that something was missing; the stress and lack of purpose burned me out and revealed my years of substance abuse. I needed to make a shift, breaking my old habits and unhealthy patterns; I needed to re-connect with myself.

My journey guided me towards crazy things like; 10-days water fasting, 30 days of Muay Thai boxing camp, 14-days in silence with monks, implementing scrum to invent a new menu in the Balinese kitchen, giving lectures and inspirational talks in co-working spaces, hosting brainstorms on the Gili islands, living the nomadic lifestyle and volunteering in a mindful recovery community in Thailand.

Nowadays I’m using my creative entrepreneurial view, combined with 10+ years of business development knowledge as well as experience in design, e-learning, sales, marketing, and development blended with the wisdom I gained on my journey to support leaders and organizations to hack their growth.

André is very creative. His brain forms strategic solutions for people and companies. A man with a story, a man with a vision. Partly because of André, I am as an entrepreneur where I am now. He works from his heart and that touches me, which is why we are buddies too. Would I recommend this man? YES YES YES

Sven Roumen

I am happy to write this recommendation for Bujoo. I know André as a specialist in everything related to “growth”. A creative entrepreneur pur sang. His open and critical attitude makes him a sincere advisor and a strong sparring partner. When everyone gets stuck, it is André who always comes up with a creative solution. A consultation with André is guaranteed to bring you new insights.

Evert van den Berg

Skills & Talents

  • Creativity, Strategy, Online Marketing
  • Branding, Identity and design, development
  • Positive energy, passion, drive, and Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship, Leader, Management
  • Adobe creative cloud, Sales tools, Marketing automation, CRM, ERP, and Planning tools.
  • Music, Dance, Joy!


  • Mindfulness program for youth – Social Impact Award 2020 Finalists
  • Shift Mindful – corporate wellbeing – Scaling up your startup 2020 Second
  • Dare to be human – 8 weeks youth program – Seedstars startup competition 2019 Finalists

Certifications & Training

  • Product launch formula – launch club
    [2021 – 2022] Jeff Walker
  • Scaleup your startup
    [2019 – 2020] Growth Institute Verne Harnish
  • Mindvalley Master Circle
    [2017 – 2018] online community learning
  • Elements developing your coaching practice
    [2018] Christina Berkley
  • Life Coaching
    [2018] The Academy of Modern Applied psychology
  • NLP
    [2018] The Scottish Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Theta healing DNA, DNA advanced, Dig deeper
    [2018] Zena Healing Byron Bay
  • The Gift of Harmony Reprograming
    [2017] Jelila Healing, Bali
  • Reiki I, II, III Master teacher
    [2017] Orion healing Thailand
  • Business coaching
    [2015 – 2016] Molenaar en Molenaar, The Netherlands
  • Communicatie-Academie
    [2013 – 2015] Leslie de Jong, The Netherlands
  • Mindfulness
    [2014 – 2015] The Netherlands
  • Ratrace Sales training
    [2013] The Netherlands
  • HBO communication multimedia design
    [2004 – 2008] Avans Hogeschool Breda