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Organizations I already inspired:

Reasons people book me as Wellbeing Speaker?:

  • The only and first certified Mindful Self-Compassion trainer in the whole Balkan
  • One of the first certified Mindfulness trainers in Serbia
  • Part of the first group of certified TRE providers in Serbia
  • 14 years of facilitation experience and 7 years of experience as a certified Mindfulness trainer
  • Over 25,000 people have passed my education around the world
  • Author of the book “Diary of conscious attention and stress control”
  • Graduated pedagogue, with master’s studies in management in education

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Compassion fatigue in the workplace… how can we prevent it!

Vesna Laković van Kempen, a speaker from Serbia, a graduate pedagogue, and coach, and the founder of the Mindfulness Center, told a story in which many who work as support for other people can be recognized. She spoke about the intimate life crisis, identified it as compassionate fatigue in the workplace, and warned HR experts that due to the nature of the job it could or has happened to them, offered them basic tools on how to overcome such a crisis, or even better, stop.

Topics I speak about:

  • Mindfulness – How to be more mindful in our every day life and work? In which ways Mindfulness can support us in better stress control, learning how to calm ourselves down and deal with life challenges
  • Resilience – What is and why is resilience so important for our mental health and well-being? Which are the ways we can develop our resilience and how it can help us bounce back from life challenges
  • How to prevent emotional exhaustion– What is emotional exhaustion and how is it different from burnout? Which are the key elements of prevention we need to have in mind when we face it in our workplace and relationships with our co-workers when it comes to We learn how to empower ourselves, recognize the traps of our own self-criticism and perfectionism, practice how to take care of ourselves while caring for others in order to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue
  • How to deal with our inner critic – How can we recognize our inner critic and learn ways to support ourselves through self-compassion, motivation instead of judgements, harsh critique or traps of perfectionism hidden behind constant “personal development”

A bit more about me

Since my high school days and during my studies I have been volunteering & working within the non-profit sector as a project manager, mentor, and supervisor while continuously developing my skills as a trainer and facilitator. All that experience led me to successfully earn a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy (Education) and later MSc in Management in Education.

In the past 7 years, I’ve been an entrepreneur as well as the founder of my own non-profit organization Mindfulness center Novi Sad. Being in this leadership role helped me see the importance of project management, collaboration with various sectors but also the power of mentorship, networking, and creating a bigger impact by raising awareness around the topic of resilience in personal and professional life, as well as guiding new generations of leaders and entrepreneurs.

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The formats I can deliver

  • Keynote / presentation / talk
  • On-stage interview / panel
  • In-house workshop / masterclass

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