How to control stress in the workplace with Mindfulness

Most people are a little disappointed at first when they are introduced to some of the Mindfulness exercises by the fact that these exercises are seemingly simple and to some people even quite boring. Very often, this can prevent you from engaging in mindfulness training at all, especially if you are facing something such as chronic stress or burnout. Most of us think that complicated solutions are needed for complicated problems. It has probably been shown to you many times in your life that this does not have to be the case at all. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of Mindfulness. It is in the simplicity of this practice that its weight lies.

When you are faced with something like burnout, it probably means that you have been functioning on autopilot for a very long time and that you pay the least attention to those simple everyday things because you are constantly in speed motion or under stress.

You can probably recognize within yourself that you are being cynical, chronically tired and sleep-deprived and you just can’t find a way to enjoy some things that were your source of pleasure before. You can’t really focus on what you’re doing, your attention wanders, and you’re often deeply frustrated and nervous for seemingly no reason. For sure you have already realized that there are some deeper reasons that led to this condition, and if you recognize these symptoms our suggestion is to visit a psychotherapist, but you can start with the introduction of some of the Mindfulness exercises that can help you prevent burnout.

Step 1
Answer these questions:

What exactly is the cause of your exhaustion?

Do you have more work than time to complete the scheduled tasks?

Is there a gap between your skills and what is required of you in the job?

What exactly causes stress?

Are there certain challenges in communicating with colleagues or superiors, what are those challenges?

Gather all the relevant data to know what you need to focus on in your search for solutions.

Step 2
Practice short Mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness exercises can be done daily. You don’t always have to take 30 minutes to exercise or to close your eyes and sit. When faced with a stressful situation, you can take a minute or two to connect with your body, focus on breathing or sounds you can hear around you. This calms your nervous system and automatic reactions of fight and flight.

– You can use the lunch break to eat consciously without looking at your phone or computer.
– You can practice mindful walking by focusing on every step you take.
– You can find more ideas for simple Mindfulness exercises on our website, but be sure to be creative to come up with something that suits you best.

Step 3
Share with others what bothers you

When we face problems, we often have a tendency to isolate ourselves in relation to other people, we have the impression that we need to take care of our own difficulties.

In Mindfulness practise, we also talk about Mindful self-compassion, which implies the element of humanity. This specifically means that by seeking the help of others it helps us gain different perspectives and support, helps us in developing our resilience, strengthen our relationships and this generally has a positive effect on our mental health.

Your colleagues and loved ones will not know how they can help you if you do not tell them.
None of us can do everything alone.

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Step 4
Tension Stress Release Exercises (TRE)

These exercises are a great method for all those who want to get rid of stress and tension in the body in a relaxing and effective way. TRE or tension, stress release exercises are based on the basic idea, supported by research, that stress, tension and trauma are psychological and physical. The exercises are very simple and once learned, they are used as a method of self-help, and today you can do them even while sitting on your chair!

If you are interested in this topic at this link you can download additional materials for the which can support you in your Mindfulness practice!

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