Bujoo helps organizations and NGOs like you, to bring structure to your educational content.

We are a full-service instructional design agency that understands where to start and how to deliver education that brings desired transformation to your clients, students, or employers.

Together we transform your…

  • Content chaos into a clear and accessible overview
    To make the learning journey more streamlined and fun for the student and trainer.
  • Repetitive manual handling tasks into automation
    So there will be more time to really engage in a personal way with your students.
  • Educational vision into a cohesive reality

Before we start


Let’s date before we’re getting married🤘

To ensure we are the right match for you, our orientation “Phase Zero” is a crucial part of the process. This allows you to discover what we really have to offer tailored to your needs — without any contracts or strings attached afterward.

Outcome: Clear project plan - We create a vision and a rough curriculum outline which allows creating an estimation of an education program.

Phase One


Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Before we start developing any content or training strategy, we first analyze your current situation in terms of needs, knowledge gaps, to understand the goal of the training itself.

Together we will discover the answer to the question “How can we improve your situation and achieve your learning objectives or business goals through education?”

Outcome: Course Plan - Full audit of your audience, education goals, training methodologies used, media types, etc.

Phase Two


With your course plan done, you enroll in the design phase – this is where we take all of the learnings of the previous phase and use it to make practical decisions. This includes a strategy, delivery methods, structure, duration, assessment, and feedback.

Outcome: Education Blueprint - Overview of your course design and storyboards, prototypes, and wireframes to easily communicate with other stakeholders the value of the course.


Now it’s time to actually create your instructional materials like graphics, videos, worksheets, and we decide on the style guide. The development process will be agile to ensure accuracy of the content, stay on planning and within your budget. Even more important it gives us room to test together and ensure there are no basic errors – works the structure, is it engaging, how is the lesson length, grammar, spelling, etc.

Outcome: Course Content - All your instructional materials like graphics, videos, worksheets, and style guide.

Phase Three


Once you have completed your courses and you are satisfied that they are fully tested, it’s time to share them with the learner. For this, we’re offering three implementation options:

Education platform
Education platform

Depending on your needs and budget we will upload your education program to a third-party solution like Kajabi, Teachable, or we can develop your custom education platform.


We conduct a pilot of a course to train the trainers and make them familiar with the content and systems while preventing any problems before unleashing the content on the entire world.

Launch your Program
Launch your Program

Together we implement a tested and proven process (based on the Product Launch Formula® from Jeff Walker) that takes you step-by-step through how to launch and promote your education program.



Our main goal is to provide a structured method of creating educational programs that bring the desired transformation to your participants. To make this measurable we always recommend implementing ways to get feedback on multiple aspects of your education program.

Outcome: Evaluation toolbox - A feedback system to validate learning goals, evaluate your learners and trainers experience “like we set out in the analysis phase” to report and define changes for now or future releases.