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BUJOO 3 months MENTORSHIP Program

Clear the way for your entrepreneurial journey! We offer the knowledge and resources to grow yourself and your business mentally and technically so that you can focus on your passion and enjoy the journey.

We’re recommended by:

We’re recommended by:

Who is this program for?

We work with ambitious and enthusiastic coaches, trainers, educators, managers, and experts who recognize themself in…

Daily cravings for new information and ideas to spark yourself and your students, members, followers, or colleagues.

Overwhelmed with cool ideas and knowledge only no clue where to start and not knowing how to transform it into a profitable course or training.

Tired of having your (online) course creation at the bottom of your to-do because you’re too busy with other priorities, and not knowing where to start.

Why joining this program?

This program is the best of both worlds! It became a unique and authentic result because two passions intertwined with each other. André who is more than 10 years entrepreneur and active in the digital world with a focus on e-commerce, growth marketing, conversion optimization, business strategy, e-learning.. etc. — his wife Vesna with her Master in education and more than 10 years of experience in curriculum design, facilitation, and teaching with the focus on Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and has worked with all possible diversity of people and ages.

Join and master the course creation skills and learn how everything works yourself! Get familiar with our Bujoo framework™; to define your ideal student, map your student journey, improve your facilitation skills, and discover ways to become more profitable through our online education canvas — together with a group of enthusiastic like-minded educators.

Master our
Bujoo Framework™

Learn how to use our Bujoo Framework™ — a blend of proven pedagogical approaches together mixed with powerful business and growth hacking methods.

Student journey

Student journey mapper

Visualize and map the complete journey your student go through; how they apply, onboard, and experience your course.

Student avatar

Student avatar designer

Define the representation of your ideal student — the type of student you want to purchase your course or training.

Education canvas

Education model canvas

Create a visual chart with elements describing your course value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

Perfect offer crafter

Perfect offer crafter

Learn how to user our step by step offer craft method to craft an offer that speaks to your audience.

Student journey

One-Page Bujoo Framework™

Boil down everything you learned to its simplest form — to make it easier to keep track and become aware of your next steps.

Student avatar

Bujoo Facilitator Toolbox™

Get access to Vesna’s years of practice and insights to level-up your facilitation skills — implement mindfulness, compassion, and other interpersonal methods in your teaching.

What to expect?

Improve your strategy, methodology, competency, and technology to boost engagement and enrich the learning experience for your students — without overwhelming yourself or your team.

Blended learning

Learn together on our social education platform.
Get access to training videos, worksheets, practice groups, Zoom sessions, discussion forms, Feedback Fridays™…

6-Steps program design guide.

1. Identify the issue or problem
2. Define students characteristics & needs
3. Incorporate learning outcomes & objectives
4. Generate relevant content
5. Implement methods & tools
6. Create evaluation strategies

Course Modules

Understand your students.

Module 1

Understand the needs of your students by defining the right student avatars and learning journey to uncover ways that will generate excitement and WOW your learning experience.

(re)Design your course

Module 2

Examine and remodel your course together with a certified pedagogist to improve your methodologies and align them with your specified student avatar and journey to boost engagement and improve learning outcomes.

Deepen your skills.

Module 3

Deepen together with a mentor your facilitation and teaching skills by establishing an individual growth plan to enrich your education toolbox which will give you the confidence and structure to teach on the next level.

Prepare to launch.

Module 4

Investigate together with our growth expert on how to make your knowledge more profitable in the competitive (online) education industry by crafting the best strategy which will scale your education business to stay ahead of your competition.

Connect with other teachers!

Extra bonus

We believe in the theory of lifelong learning, this is why we offer all our clients the option to join our VIP community. The place where you can learn through Friday’s engagement sessions and connect with other specialists and like-minded education professionals.

Like to join our 3-month mentoring program!

I have had the pleasure to get advice and support from Vesna and André when I have designed my Mindfulness – NLP program. It has started with me being a participant in her mindfulness training. That great experience changed my habits, opened my mind, and nourished my inner self. It has also motivated me to make my own NLP – mindfulness program. Vesna’s openness and kindness, willingness to share made me ask her for professional advice. She has really understood what I wanted to achieve and gave me great inputs. I can hardly wait to see what else we could achieve together!

Tatjana Šokčić

Tatjana Šokčić

Founder MyNLP & HR Centar

Like to know more or apply?

Book your free orientation call with André to discover together if we’re the right fit for each other!

“Working with Bujoo on remodeling and altering my course and marketing around it helped improve my methodologies, as well as align them more with my newly specified client/student avatar.”

– Marina Kolaric

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Our mentoring program includes

Elements1-on-1 Mentorship
Duration of our mentorship program3 months
Instant access to our social learning platformLifetime
Module 1: Understand your students.
Module 2: (re)Design your course.
Module 3: Deepen your skills.
Module 4: Prepare to launch.
Extra bonus: VIP group to connect with other teachers.Lifetime
Bujoo Framework™ worksheets
– Student journey mapper
– Student avatar designer
– Education model canvas
– Perfect offer crafter

– One-Page Bujoo Framework™
Bujoo Facilitator Toolbox™
Feedback Fridays group consult
1-on-1 One page Bujoo Framework™ review session
1-on-1 Mentorship sessions with André and Vesna6 x 60 min
Package pricing:Price: €1395

Check our Done-For-You Service!

Are you to busy

Tired of having your course creation at the bottom of your to-do because you’re too busy with other priorities? We offer a full-service program, course, or even curriculum design, including eLearning development, and even all the side-hustle like video editing and graphical design —we will arrange everything for you.