Letting go

“The power of letting go involves controlling the meaning you attach to events in your life. If you can’t get out of the story you’ve constructed for yourself, then you cannot move on to bigger and brighter things.”

Sometimes it is necessary to let go of certain things, people, events, memories from our lives, in order to open space for some new things that may be better for us. John Kabat Zin explains this wonderfully with the example of breathing, we have to let out one breath so that we can inhale another. If we cling to certain things, beliefs and thoughts, we don’t even grow as people.

I remember that when I was 8 my favourite book was: “Alice in Wonderland” and I insisted that I would never read any other book again. This is an example of a child who will not let go of his favourite book or toy, but often we adults cling to things that in some way no longer benefit us or that we have mentally, emotionally outgrown or should outgrown over the years. In meditation, certain thoughts, feelings, memories can occur, which can be pleasant or unpleasant.

Often then we tend to “stick” to these experiences, to enter into their analysis, to contemplate about them and it is difficult for us to simply “let go” or accept them as they are (now you can notice the connection of all Mindfulness attitudes). This can be a blockage in our practice because again we are not focused on what is here and now, but we enter into some analyzes and thoughts about things that occur spontaneously, instead of simply letting them go and mindfully observing them come and go.

This will help us in our own practice of mindfulness and thus facilitate the relationship we have with the nature of things in our lives.