“Take a step back and calm yourself. Take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out as long as you can. Let go of any resentful thoughts. Remove yourself from the old equation, from how the situation appears to you at the surface, and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes and an eased heart and mind.

For me, this is one of the most important mindfulness attitudes because I have noticed in working with people how much we all have a “short fuse” and a little patience in relation to ourselves and our own path of personal development. The way I taught and experienced Mindfulness in the first year of my work and now is completely different. Of course, over the years I have gained more experience in my own practice and working with people on this topic, but here I would like to emphasize something else.

Many times it has happened to me that people complete an eight-week Mindfulness training without having enough time during the program to dedicate themselves to everything we did or simply did not understand some things and concepts or simply did not like them. Somehow Mindfulness didn’t suit them very well at that moment, or rather “it didn’t come at the right time”. Interestingly, often a large number of these participants contact me a few years later with the remarks: “Now I finally see the significance of what we did” or “Now my practice has much more meaning and depth than those few years ago” or “I love doing meditations now”.

Learning mindfulness is a process that must inevitably keep pace with what is currently happening in our lives and that accompanies our life in which we as individuals grow – we experience different life events, challenges, difficulties, ups and downs, and all this has an impact on our practice as well. It is only now that I realize that for some things specifically in my personal practice it took patience and time for certain knowledge to simply mature in me, that simply for some values ​​of Mindfulness I was not ready at some point or I just needed more time to master them, understand them and really actively apply them in my life. Patience is definitely an attitude that is important to nurture and that requires us to have a dose of wisdom to see that some things will just happen when it’s time for them to happen and when we are ready for them.

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