“The more you cultivate this attitude of trust in your own being, the easier you will find it will be to trust other people more and to see their basic goodness as well.”

This attitude is extremely important and extremely challenging for participants to practice. Why? Well, first of all, because Mindfulness practice is based on the fact that each person should first have confidence in themselves, their resources, their intuition, and that each person at the end of the day knows what is best for them. What does it mean?
This means that I, as a Mindfulness trainer, do not have answers to your questions about whether it is better to do meditation in the morning or in the evening, whether it is better to work for 15 minutes or 60 minutes … Each of us is different and everyone likes different things. and types of Mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness teaches us to be present with everything that is happening within us right now. We are all different people and each of us has our own unique experience. Therefore, as a Mindfulness trainer, I can’t know what is best for you, only you know that. Which leads us to the fact that we have to take responsibility for our own practice and that it is important to cultivate an attitude of trust in our own resources and to discover for ourselves what is best for us.

Of course, sometimes it would be easier for others to give us ready-made answers so that we can just be guided by other people’s recipes and solutions, but then that’s not Mindfulness, it is not a true practice and connection with our inner world. Of course, the Mindfulness trainer is there to give you guidelines, ideas, numerous books, meditations and resources to help you in your practice, to be your guide and give your directions, but at the end of the day, you learn how to be the your own best teacher.