Become a wiser leader by developing your emotional intelligence.

A few decades ago, we did not believe that the brain and thus intelligence could be developed. Now we know from brain research that mindfulness training actually makes you a wiser leader.

As many people know nowadays, the brain is plastic, it changes over time. What that change means depends on a number of factors and brain researchers have a long way to go before everything that happens in the brain is mapped. But there is one thing for sure: mindfulness training is an effective way to train the brain so that we can make better decisions and have more harmonious lives.

Mindfulness not only affects the activity of the brain but also causes the cerebral cortex to grow. A result is a number of positive effects, for example, that you become more empathetic, make better decisions, gain increased self-compassion and become better at collaborating and leading others. Above all, this means that emotional intelligence develops. Emotional intelligence is a concept created by psychologist and author Daniel Goleman and encompasses abilities such as Social Ability, Self-Knowledge, and Self-Control.

Emotional intelligence is considered in many situations to be more important than logical intelligence, especially in situations that are complex and require a judgment that encompasses more than logic.