We improve employee engagement within great teams.

From A-players to engaged team players

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We are Bujoo Education.

We understand that engaged employees are profitable employees.
Let us help your team to become more resilient, enthusiastic, and responsible towards themselves, their co-workers, and most importantly your and their clients.

Employee wellbeing

Improve your team by releasing their stress.

Psychological safety

Improve HR performance, and build courageous leaders.

Employee branding

Improve your employer branding and grow a culture.

Cool projects we delivered

Wolf & Wolf Technologies

We transformed the workplace into a real habitat!

Kolping Serbia

Together we made the workplace become a family!

Center for MSC

We created a home for 200+ psychotherapists to grow.

André is absolutely amazing!
He created a platform and system that absolutely WOWed our team. We just don’t want too many people to find out how great he is because we don’t want to share him! 😀

Steven Hickman, Psy.D.
Executive Director at Center For Mindful Self-Compassion

I am fascinated by the way Vesna manages to bring together abstract things like Mindfulness. Her lectures are always attended and she is a great lecturer. It is always a real pleasure to work with Vesna!

Katarina Aleksić
HR Learning, Development & Employer Branding Specialist at Bosch Serbia

Our founders are the best intersection between business growth and wellbeing.

André van Kempen our strategic growth consultant is the co-founder of Techwo now the #1 e-commerce company in the Netherlands called Bluebird day.

At the age of 20, he started his first successful business, in 2016 he sold his business to travel around the world to get familiar with other cultures, where he enriched his knowledge by working in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, and the Balkans.

Vesna Laković van Kempen our senior trainer is the #1 pioneer when it comes to mindfulness-based approaches in the Balkans.

The only and first certified Mindful Self-Compassion trainer in the whole Balkan, one of the first certified Mindfulness trainers in Serbia, and part of the first group of certified TRE providers in Serbia.

Is your team functioning at full capacity?

Many teams struggle with exhausted employees and overwhelmed managers. It's difficult to know what is the best way for these problems to be solved. That's why we offer a free 30-min discovery call to clarify how Bujoo can support you and your team.