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Education platform and launch strategy

Self-compassion in psychotherapy (scip) certificate program. We supported in creating and executing a launch strategy, student journey mapping, platform development & design, system integration, and much more!

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Dare to be Human

Program and platform development

We created a personal 8-weeks quest to master the 6 elements of life to become an authentic human being.

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Mentorship platform

Program and platform development

Bujoo blew us away!

“The whole idea of a platform has new meaning in this case…”

The platform that Bujoo created for our online training is astonishing. Who knew that soft objectives such as personal and professional development, connection, and community could have such an accessible, integrated, user-friendly technical backbone. André has the technical chops and artistic sensibility to make your online vision come to life. Amazing, really.

Dr. Chris Germer – clinical psychologist and co-creator of the Mindful Self-Compassion program.