Dare to be Human

Free online and offline learning platform for Youth.

We created a personal 8-weeks quest to master the 6 elements of life to become an authentic human being.

We created, designed, promoted, and launched in collaboration with Vesna Laković founder of Mindfulness Corner Novi Sad and Shiftmindful an experiential learning experience for the youth in the Balkans.

The program was created for youth between 19 and 30 interested in the topic of personal growth & personal well-being.

Furthermore, the ones who need guidance to move in the right direction because they have been facing for some time or even recently important life challenges. To make them familiar with:

  • Building self-awareness of who they are and where they are at the moment by growing awareness and acceptance of difficult emotions such as shame, guilt, and fear.
  • Defining core values, their identities, and the idea of where they want to go by using experiential & journal exercises, meditations, and ways of reflection.
  • Recognizing unhealthy patterns of thinking and learning how to change them by creating a structured self-care plan with intentions, strategies, including building skills and become more resilient for your future wellbeing.
  • Becoming familiar with self-compassion and ways how they can nurture personal relationships in a healthy way by acknowledging and communicating our boundaries, getting familiar with non-violent & assertive communication.

Why we engaged in this initiative?

According to the latest Health Behaviour in School-aged Children survey, 29% of 15-year-old girls and 13% of 15-year-old boys in European countries reported “feeling low” more than once a week; also, more than one in ten adolescents were regular weekly drinkers by the age of 15 (9% of girls and 16% of boys).

50% of all mental health problems in adulthood have their onset during or before adolescence.

Depression and anxiety disorders are among the top five causes of the overall disease burden (measured in terms of disability-adjusted life years)

Our agile-based
launch and program design strategy.

We used to launch this program our education-based marketing strategy; to make the youth aware, educate them, attract them, and even engaged some youngsters in the creation of the program.

Step 1: Create awareness and educate your target audience.

We selected different knowledge leaders to represent a weekly topic. This was to add more authority and to deepen the knowledge of the program. Every week we shared a short video snipped to introduce a new knowledge leader.

Step 2: Create a mastermind group with ambassadors to create and test your program.

We selected different knowledge leaders to represent a weekly topic. This was to add more authority and to deepen the knowledge of the program. Every week we shared a short video snipped to introduce a new knowledge leader.

Step 3: Make it special for people to join

And as a big finale buzz, we fixed media publicity, we organized a penal discussion Dare to Connect to introduce all the experts to the public and to open the application for the program Dare to be Human.

Program dynamics

Our program is a blend of the best of both worlds, online and offline learning, to meet locally and connect globally.

We used a blended learning approach to deliver our program, by using a combination of life-in-person sessions, combined with online interviews, chatbots, meetups, and more. This all came together on a custom-designed e-learning platform, where the students could connect and deepen their knowledge and experience.

E-learning platform

We designed and developed an interactive online education platform to bring all the program dynamics together. A real home for all the students, experts, and facilitators, to connect, learn, and boost engagement. Really amazing how we used technology to create a deeper personal human connection!

The program equips me with the tools needed so I can get to the core of the problem and work on it. Also, the online platform gives me a gentle push and reminder to work on myself every day, even when that’s hard.

Milica 26 years

It made me learn how to really listen to other people and not judge them, which I find very important for healthy relationships.

Nikola 24 years

This program is making me face the parts of my mind I don’t usually have the strength to explore on my own, it helps me be conscious and more awake as a human being and is giving me the power to once again believe in myself and my abilities.

Ljubica 23 years

We dared the youth to change, feel, accept, love, connect, act to become more Human!

Through our 8-weeks program, they will learn and grow together with like-minded people, be supported by inspiring role models and teachers. It will serve them the opportunity to become more aware of themselves and their environment, the stage in life which they are and how to take care while going through tribulations in life, build resilience, nurture healthy habits, and build strong relationships, as well as much more…

✔ be aware of yourself
✔ change starts by knowing where you are
✔ feel to understand your emotions
✔ accept and learn to bounce back
✔ love through practicing self-compassion
✔ connect deeply with human relationships
✔ act by taking responsibility
…to let them feel better and to become more human.

What a crazy ride!

André van Kempen Founder Bujoo

It was so amazing to offer my knowledge and experience to boost this amazing initiative for the youth in Novi Sad Serbia. This all was before the COVID pandemic, which made it difficult to convince people about the benefits of e-learning. But we did it, and we’re super proud of it!

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