Dare 2 Connect

Online international seminar for parents and professionals.

When COVID knocked our seminar down, Bujoo came to our rescue and helped us launch. COVID couldn’t stop us!

We took care of the launch strategy, identity, and technical support in collaboration with Vesna Laković founder of Mindfulness Corner Novi Sad Ivana Muškinja founder of FamilyLab Serbia, and FamilyLab Norway, funded by the FamilyLab Association.

Are you tired of relational stress and resolving conflicts with your kid(s) or partner and feel like not knowing how to provide a sustainable solution?

What if we can give you a basic understanding of relational stress and how both positive and negative stress help to influence and shape a child’s development. Especially on the effects that stress has on the development of a child’s brain, self-regulation, emotional regulation, self-expression, play, and exploration.

How we transformed a Seminar into an Online event!

Because of COVID and the almost global lockdown, FamilyLab Serbia almost needed to cancel their event with international speakers in Novi Sad. Those are the cases that Bujoo likes the most; how can we transform a challenge into a great opportunity! Instead of canceling, we even made their event even bigger to bolder 🙂

Step 1: We designed a clear strategy.

Discover targeting group
Discover targeting group
Create perfect offer
Create perfect offer
Design sales journey
Design sales journey

Step 2: Building a clear launch strategy

For the promotion, we used our proven education-based launch strategy, because this launching approach is more focused on informing and educating people instead of hard-core selling.


This is where we begin. You use it to start building anticipation among your most loyal fans. The pre-prelaunch is there also to judge how receptive the market will be to your offer and to figure out what some of the primary objections people will have. And we used the pre-prelaunch even to tweak our final offer.


This is the heart and soul of our sequencing, where we gradually educate the market with pieces of high-value content. We use our prelaunch to activate mental triggers such as authority, social proof, community, anticipation, and reciprocity. We released a 7-day video mastermind from our main presenters.


This was the big day we’ve been building up to, the day we actually started our ticket sale and started taking orders. The launch was actually a sequence as well, and a very powerful one. It started with the email that basically says, “We’re open, you can finally buy now”, in combination with a live FAQ so people could ask their last questions.


This was the clean-up sequence, where we follow up with prospects who didn’t join the event. We shared with them an alternative option to join the first part of our event for free. This to deliver value and boost brand awareness for FamilyLab.

The Masterclass

We start with sharing knowledge to make our targeted audience familiar with the topics and make them curious.

Day 1: Welcome email + First video
Day 3: Email + Second video
Day 5: Email + Third video
Day 7: Email reminder with the offer

“Meaningful relationship does not mean being constantly happy and harmonious. What makes a relationship meaningful is that it is enriching, in the sense that it challenges you to develop as a human being and as a fellow human being.”

Jesper Juul founder FamilyLab
Jesper Juul founder FamilyLab

Step 3: We went for blended learning.

We brought the best of both worlds together, to reach the most possible people, and to make it possible to have international speakers!

Panel DiscussionFriday evening
Panel Discussion
Friday evening

The panel discussion became a free online webinar, in combination with a paid after VIP room. This made it possible for the ones who paid to ask personal questions to all the experts.

Intense Weekend Training
Saturday & Sunday

The weekend training moved totally online, so it was still possible to host our international trainer. Another big benefit was that we could send everyone the training recording afterward.

Experiential workshops
Saturday & Sunday

For people with a smaller budget, we made it possible to join experimental workshops online and offline. Because we don’t want that money holds people back from personal growth.

COVID didn’t hold us back!

André van Kempen Founder Bujoo

It was great to support FamilyLab at the beginning of the pandemic, and support them to bring this important knowledge to parents and professionals! Instead of canceling, we aimed for a real impact.

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