Employer branding

Transform your workplace into an empowering people-oriented culture.

For your organization to be profitable and sustain itself in the long term, it is important for you to take care of all four parts: healthy employees, effective teams, quality leaders, and attracting the right clients. Successfully creating a culture where employees and clients can thrive takes an integrated approach that addresses all four areas – but many companies spend time on disconnected initiatives instead.

Join the organizations that are already investing in their team!

Make your organizational growth people-driven.

Bujoo Consultants will shorten the learning curve and provide valuable guidance as you make decisions about what to do to support your employees and client. We give you direct access to a wide variety of proven methods and years of experience in helping teams improve performance and sustain growth by making their organizations more people-driven.

Wolf & Wolf Technologies

We transformed the workplace into a real habitat!

Kolping Serbia

Together we made the workplace become a family!

Did you know that we were…

#2 in the Scaling-up your startup competition

Finalist in the Seedstars competition in Serbia

If you decide to work with us we will focus mainly on:

Internal and external growth strategies

Develop both long- and short-term strategies for transformation that align with the organization’s most important business priorities and complement existing services and initiatives.

Company culture development

When purpose becomes the drive a culture gets born. It gives teams mission, values, responsibilities, and goals. A deeper meaning will be discovered, by learning to grow through failure and stay resilient even in chaos.

Employee onboarding

New employee onboarding is the process of welcoming new employees within a company and its culture, as well as giving them all the information they need.

Andre is a special person. He has the guts to make decisions that few people dare to make. This means that he has found the way to ultimate wisdom, happiness and success, or Quality of LIFE (the plural of COURAGE). Being happy is not a destination, but enjoying the journey. He has understood that message like no other. He is now making the most beautiful journey of his life and I enjoy it again. An inspiration for many to realize that you make decisions every minute of the day. Do you have the COURAGE to choose your own quality of life? If not, I advise you to let Andre enrich you.

Sven Rickli