Kickstart workplace well-being with the Mental Fitness DIY Training Box.

Eliminating hours of research, design, translation, and structuring with our ready-to-use mental fitness strategy and workshop plan.

Straight out of the box!

HR Mental Fitness Training Box

We condensed 7+ years of mindful-based teaching experience, including years of international training, multiple certifications, and research, into a workshop box for the workplace.

Fully prepared workshops for HR professionals to educate and inspire their team and colleagues on workplace wellbeing topics.

It includes diverse topics with designed and tested lesson plans, cool presentations, worksheets, challenges for your team, and much more!

Is the HR Mental Fitness Training Box for you?

We created this box for HR professionals concerned with keeping employees engaged and employable, but you are challenged with…

  • you want to support your team with new knowledge and soft skills only you don’t have the time, resources, or just don’t know where to start.
  • you would like to see managers and employees interact differently only you don’t know if and how you can improve this.
  • workplace well-being has no clear KPI on the management agenda that leads to measurable results.

Let us help you, help your team!

“I am fascinated by the way Vesna manages to bring together abstract things like Mindfulness. Her lectures are always attended and she is a great lecturer. It is always a real pleasure to work with Vesna!”

Katarina Aleksić HR Learning, Development & Employer Branding Specialist at Bosch Serbia

What’s in the Box?

Ten fully prepared well-being workshop (curriculums) that consists of:

How-to tutorial video

All the knowledge about the specific workshop theme & how to facilitate them within your team with the proper teaching guidelines on engaging people in the learning process.

Engaging Slide Deck

To support your workshop we designed a visual presentation to support your story and boost engagement.

Worksheets & Exercises

Your team can work through the worksheets and exercises after every workshop to practice, integrate, and form new healthy habits.

Team Challenge

To understand where to improve yourself and your team.

Feedback & evaluation forms

Besides learning the box also offers the tools to make change and growth stick within your team.

Included workshop topics

All workshop topics are handpicked by Vesna
and backed by research to boost the mental fitness of your team.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Being mindful, in this sense, refers to being able to see things clearly. By learning to better control our minds and use them more efficiently, we can prevent mental fatigue and build meaningful connections with others. When we are able to be more mindful as we grow, we are able to respond more efficiently rather than becoming irritated with our everyday problems.

Burnout Prevention

It’s hard to avoid burnout, especially once you’re already in it. The key is to be properly informed about its symptoms so you can spot it and avoid it. As a first step, learn what burnout is, how to identify it, and how to build a fulfilling life instead of a busy one.

Why do we shy away from difficult conversations when they are necessary? Learn how to change your thinking and have difficult conversations that can create opportunities for growth and improved communication.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Your full potential is accessible when you free your mind. By restricting actions, limiting beliefs can prevent us from becoming our best selves. Let’s learn how to control our own minds!

Work-Life Balance

Statistics show that maintaining work-life balance is beneficial for individuals. By learning the tools and techniques for doing so, you can maintain harmony between your personal and professional lives.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting boundaries at work and in relationships is critical to maintaining your mental health, work-life balance, and staying true to your personal values. Use the tips provided to identify and set boundaries with yourself, at work, and in relationships.

Stress Management

Everyone has a different stress management technique, but the foundation of our health is its foundation. In order to “catch ourselves” when we’re stressed, let’s learn what the body does when it’s in a state of stress. This group session focuses on the most fundamental techniques for stress management. It is possible to “catch ourselves” when we’re stressed half the battle.

… and much more to come.

We will add in the following months brand new workshops to your box!

What’s your investment?

Usually, a single workshop with Vesna is expensive and starts at 500 euros. Only because we want to make well-being affordable for everyone and encourage HR professionals to train their own team on those important well-being topics.

We offer now an early-access deal for 700 euros
for all workshops, including all the monthly workshops that we will add in the future.

This will soon go to a monthly subscription.

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you’ll also get 3 extra bonuses:

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Bonus 1

Facilitation Masterclass

Vesna will teach all the do’s and don’ts while hosting your mindful-based workshops.

Bonus 2

Mindful exercise Journal

72 exercises to control stress and soothe difficult thoughts and emotions.

Bonus 3

Employer wellbeing survey

To measure and get insight from your ten-month process.

Thousands of people have already participated and been fascinated by Vesna’s experiential workshops.

Step in the spotlight backed by Vesna’s knowledge and experience to educate and inspire your team.

Choose which package you want.

Do you like to do it just by yourself (REGULAR) or do you like to get 1-on-1 support from Vesna (MENTEE)?

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  • 7 prepared workshops including:
    How-to tutorial video
    Engaging Slide Deck
    Worksheets & Exercises
    Team Challenge
    Feedback & evaluation forms
  • Free access to all new workshops




  • 7 prepared workshops including:
    How-to tutorial video
    Engaging Slide Deck
    Worksheets & Exercises
    Team Challenge
    Feedback & evaluation forms
  • Free access to all new workshops
  • 3-month mentorship with Vesna
  • Mindful Facilitation Masterclass
  • Employer Wellbeing Questionnaire