Discover 7 Powerful Strategies For Calming An Anxious Mind And Achieving Inner Peace

In this guide, you will find several strategies for calming an anxious mind, especially when you are faced with negative thoughts, fears, worries, and anxiety. Some of these ideas may resonate with you, and some may not, and that’s perfectly fine. Each of us is an individual and we all respond differently to various techniques. These are suggestions that you can explore to help yourself in situations that are challenging for you. However, it’s crucial to remember that depending on your individual circumstances, a conversation with an expert psychotherapist can provide the appropriate support and advice you may need.

First, slow down
When we’re worried, EVERYTHING SPEEDS UP – thoughts swarm, heart beats faster, breathing quickens. This makes it difficult to think clearly and make healthy decisions. At the first sign that things are speeding up, slow down and see what else you can do to deliberately slow down your actions.

Come to your senses
Anxiety lives in our mind and often manifests in the body. When we are worried, we are not even aware of where we are. Take a few moments to connect with your five senses. It will help bring you back to the present moment.

Focus on simple activities
Life is full of simple tasks: walking, eating, answering e-mails, drinking water, cooking. When we are worried, we feel like we are losing control. Having a simple task in mind helps remind us that we are in control of our choices. Choose a task and imagine that it is your first time doing it.

Reality Check
Anxiety often stems from fear of events that haven’t happened. Our minds are very creative and powerful and often tell stories that are not true. When you have a catastrophic thought, ask yourself, “Is this thought absolutely true?” It is probably your worst fears – fears, not facts, not the reality of what is happening.

Get rid of the critics
Not only is anxiety painful enough in itself, but we also often experience a cycle of self-critical thoughts. Try answering a simple question: do these reviews make you more or less anxious? The answer is almost always – more. When you notice self-criticism, see if you can turn to yourself as a close friend and say, “Can I learn to be kinder to myself?”

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Channel your anxious energy
Not all anxiety is bad. If the anxiety isn’t serious, you can actually channel that energy into something productive. If you are nervously waiting to hear some news, get active, go for a quick walk instead, clean the apartment, tidy up the garden…

Lie down and look up
This is a timeless trick … a natural experience of mindful attention comes when we lie down, look up at the sky and look at the clouds. Experience the nature of how everything naturally comes and goes.

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Final words from Vesna

Anxiety is a common experience that can greatly impact our daily lives. The strategies shared in this text can be helpful in managing anxious thoughts and feelings, but everyone’s experience is unique, and seeking support from a mental health professional is important. Have you tried any of these techniques? What other strategies have helped you cope with anxiety? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below to help others who may be struggling. Don’t forget to share this post with someone who may find it helpful. Together, we can support each other in managing anxiety.

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