Mindfulness in the workplace

Train focused attention within your mind with mindfulness in the workplace.

You’ve probably heard about mindfulness in the workplace, but you may be surprised to learn just how many businesses associate positive outcomes with the mindfulness discipline being implemented at businesses all over the world.

Mindfulness is a very powerful practice of training our attention. By training our attention with the help of Mindfulness, we learn how to be present in the here and now. By focusing on internal and external experiences without judgment, accepting those experiences without trying to change, suppress, or stop them. This practice is powerful because it helps us learn how to stop our overthinking minds, worries, thoughts about the past, the future, and everything that distracts us from our immediate experience in the present and causes stress and unpleasant feelings in us.

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Why use mindfulness in the workplace?

Mindfulness can be seen as a portal, meaning the more a person gets in contact with him or herself, the more he or she finds access to a greater “us” and to the relationship of designing culture in organizations.

People can add human potential in this fast-moving, rational, and thought-affected time, both for managers and employees. This results in managers: seeing people differently and leading differently.

But it also enhances employees’ self-management to live more consciously. Additionally, people start living in a connected way, and ultimately, higher intelligence results from this behavior. The “We” is more reasonable than the “Me”. The more mindful people are, the more conscious or ethical are their decisions. This impacts culture, such as company culture, economy and society, and ultimately, impacts responsible leadership.

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The benefits:

Practicing mindfulness with your team will:

  • decreases stress and anxiety
  • creates a healthy and safe learning environment
  • enhances innovation and creativity
  • improves attention and concentration
  • reduces the negative effects of multitasking
  • decreases reactivity and impulsive behavior
  • enhances interpersonal functioning, empathy, and self-awareness

Important that your manager or leader takes responsibility to be fully committed to the process and the change they will experience.

There will be ups and downs, there will be tensions and moments of bliss. Trust in the process and be open to change to let employers feel safe, allow them to be vulnerable, and trust the change!

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