Mental Fitness improves employee engagement within great teams.

Because engaged employers perform better

Can you identify with the following difficulties?

Are you concerned about keeping employees employable, and…

despite numerous attempts, our absenteeism and turnover percentages haven’t or hardly decreased.

you would like to see managers and employees interact differently, but you don’t know if and how you can improve this.

employee wellbeing has no clear KPI on our management agenda that leads to measurable results.

Our strategic partners

Let’s improve your employee’s well-being and demonstrate to the world that you really care about your team.

Mental Fitness offers a wide variety of researched and proven mindful-based approaches.

Individual benefits

Feeling psychological safe

Feeling resilient and willing to take extra steps

Know how to act in difficult situations

Feeling creative & curious

Feel more satisfied with themselves

Tools to take better personal care

Team benefits

Healthier work atmosphere

Stronger collaboration

Honest and open communication

Boosting innovation

Deeper connection within your team

Reduces burnout & exhaustion

What will it mean to reduce your organization’s absence by one single day or more?

Benefits for your organization:

  • Less absenteeism due to illness more mental fit employees
  • Less HR costs, due to less turnover due to ‘happy’ (engaged) employees
  • More engaged employees, through more energetic and positive employees
  • Higher happiness at work, more energetic and aware employee (less likely to burnout)

Cost per sick day

€ 75

75% till 100% salary + overhead

Cost per Hire

€ 1000

Cost jobboard + HR overhead

Costs not involved
employee / year

€ 2590

8% of year salary

Cost per Burnout

€ 15000

Salary + overhead + mental damage

Not just another course or training.
Mental Fitness is a 360 growth approach.

Employee wellbeing

A step-by-step process to improve the well-being of your employees.

Employee branding

Strategy to raise awareness and promote well-being within your organization.

Company performance

Dashboard to measure and control your well-being challenges.

Team awareness

Psychological safety to create a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.

Join organizations that are already investing in employee wellbeing!

A Great Experience Awaits Your Team!

A step-by-step process to improve and promote well-being within your organization.

Well-Being check-in

We use the Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48) to gain a better understanding of individual and team needs.

Define well-Being KPI

Based on the quick scan we will define your measurable objective to focus on during your Mental Fitness program.

We offer a couple of videos and lots of research to engage your employers in the process.

Internal promotion

Together we will launch a internal promotion campaign to boost interest by pre-educating your employers.

Mental Fitness Day

For smaller teams 20 to 50 people  
Give your team an intense well-being booster on a single work or weekend day.


  • 1x Morning stress release session
  • 2x Workshop slot
  • 1x Evening stress release session

** Possible in-person or virtual **

Mental Fitness Week

For bigger teams +50 people
Organize a well-being week within your organization, with a wide variety of sessions during the day, evening, or even the weekend.


  • 3 x Morning stress release session
  • 4 x Workshop slot
  • 2 x Evening stress release session

** Possible in-person, virtual, or blended **

You can access this on our eLearning platform or unlock it on krojaceva skola.

30 days integration plan

Use our 30 days plan and Mindful Reminders Cards to make Mental Fitness a habit and priority within your team.

Let’s measure the change!

Well-Being check-up

30 days after the Mental Fitness day or week we will obtain another employee survey to measure the change.

Make mental fitness a KPI on your management agenda

Evaluation & Follow Up

Get your Mental Fitness results, and see what else you can do by using our continuing education program packed with exercises, challenges, and much more.

Like to book Mental Fitness for your team.

Book a 30 min free call to discover your exact needs, so we can give you the solution.

Meet your facilitators.

Vesna Laković van Kempen master in education, senior trainer, and the #1 pioneer when it comes to mindfulness-based approaches in the Balkans.

  • The only certified Mindful Self-Compassion trainer in the whole Balkan
  • One of the first certified Mindfulness trainers in Serbia (2016)
  • Part of the first group of certified TRE providers in Serbia (2019)

André van Kempen strategic growth consultant and the co-founder of Techwo now the #1 e-commerce development company in the Netherlands called Bluebird day.

  • At the age of 20, he started his first successful business
  • He sold his business to travel to get familiar with other cultures
  • Enriched his knowledge by working in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, and the Balkans

“I am fascinated by the way Vesna manages to bring together abstract things like Mindfulness. Her lectures are always attended and she is a great lecturer. It is always a real pleasure to work with Vesna!”

Katarina Aleksić
HR Learning, Development & Employer Branding Specialist at Bosch Serbia

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