Wellbeing workshops

You know that your employees are not functioning at their maximum potential. Absenteeism and turnover are spiking and engagement is dropping. And neither you nor anyone else in your organization knows how to break free again from this pattern. We believe it’s time to focus on employee wellbeing within your organization!

We recommend starting with one of our 90-minute employer wellbeing workshops to give your team a boost. Our senior facilitator Vesna carefully designed a series of impactful workshops to give you and your team an active taste, instead of being bombarded with just theoretical (bla, bla) information or a boring static lecture.

All our wellbeing workshops can be delivered on-site or virtually.

Shake off your stress

Release the Stress (with TRE)

TRE stands for stress, tension release exercises.

TRE is a set of 7 exercises that activate the natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibration that releases muscle tension, calming the nervous system. When this muscular shake/vibration mechanism is activated the body is encouraged to return to balance.

Once you have learned the exercises and can feel and allow the tremors, you just let the body do its own healing and clearing out of overwhelming experiences. It really can be that easy.

The Benefits:

  • Becoming aware of our own different responses to stress in daily life
  • Learning and practicing how to do 7 TRE exercises in a proper way
  • Becoming familiar with the concept of self-regulation and practicing it through these exercises
  • Connecting better with our bodies and releasing the tension and stress which is stored in the body

Workshop content:

  • Short theory framework about our responses to stress and the concept of self-regulation
  • Demonstration of TRE exercises from the trainer to the whole group
  • Group practice of TRE exercises in the group
  • Group reflection after exercises and advise how to use TRE as a self-help method in daily life

“Calm” yourself and connect your team

What is Self-Compassion?

Work together on self-criticism, self-judgment, and perfectionism when it is not functional.

Compassion involves our ability to recognize that other people are suffering, or going through a difficult period, and to respond to it through our sense of care and need to do something to help that person. Compassion also implies that we offer a person our understanding and care, rather than judgment and criticism.
Mindful self-compassion consists of three components: Mindfulness, Common humanity, and Self-kindness.

Self-compassion involves behaving in the same way, but towards ourselves when we go through a difficult period, when we have failed or we are dissatisfied with ourselves. Instead of ignoring, criticizing, or judging ourselves, we offer ourselves understanding, care, and compassion when it is difficult for us.

The Benefits:

  • Introducing participants to the terms of self-compassion, it’s three components and misconceptions people often have around it
  • How to take care of ourselves when we go through challenging periods,
  • Recognizing our unpleasant emotions and controlling its impact on our daily lives
  • Becoming aware and defining our values and needs in private and professional relationships- personal boundaries
  • Creating a self-care plan which includes 4 components: mental, relational, physical and emotional part.

Workshop content:

  • Short theory frame about mindful self-compassion, 3 components and 3 most common misconceptions about it
  • Awareness of our inner critic and self-criticism – experiential written exercise
  • Exercise in pairs/small groups: defining our values and needs we often neglected in relationships with others
  • Exercise in pairs: Personal boundaries- how to take care of myself while I help others
  • Creating a personal self-care plan: mental, emotional, physical and relational component
  • Mindful-self compassion break meditation

Mindfulness and stress control

Why Mindfulness?

Developing the ability to cope more effectively with short-term and long-term stressful situations.

By practicing mindfulness, we are learning how to rely on our inner resources, we develop understanding, patience, compassion and gain insight about the importance of the connection between our body and mind. We practice better acceptance of our emotions and ways which can help in taking better care of ourselves.

Mindfulness’s experiential approach makes it possible to become aware of our “bad habits”, unpleasant emotions, situations that stress us and our usual reactions to stress. By exploring these phenomena we find new ways of reacting and changing our “rooted” habits and reactions and learning how to embrace the diversity of our emotions and moods without being controlled or overwhelmed by them.

The Benefits:

  • Becoming familiar with the term mindfulness
  • Developing the ability to relax
  • Building capacity to improve attention, concentration, and memory
  • Greater appreciation and acceptance of oneself and others

Workshop content:

  • Mindfulness- short theoretical framework, a connection between mindfulness and the brain
  • Experiential mindfulness exercises: attention, focus, and senses
  • Diving deeper: Recognizing the impact of thoughts, feelings, and moods on our everyday life and relationships with others – working in pairs/small groups
  • STOP experiential mindfulness exercise-how to ground yourself and control your reactions
  • Breathing Space experiential mindfulness exercise – better presence and calmer response in stressful situations
  • Mindfulness meditation: Mountain meditation-developing inner resilience

Like to dive deeper?

Already familiar with our approaches or do you have a specific challenge or goal you like to work on with your team?

For this, we also offer a wide variety of body-mind pre-defined multi-day or multi-week programs to support your employee wellbeing. Besides that, Vesna is very flexible, so even if you have very specific needs in your organization or team, she can create a tailor-made education program. Her years of experience as a trainer and many certifications within the body-mind field make her the perfect person to design your program. If needed, we can even crick it up a notch, and deliver a blended learning solution or an e-learning platform.

Let’s have a brief conversation, so we can understand better your needs.

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